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DIY tips from Str8

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Quick TIPS and TRICKS in making ejuice recipes.

Most important first step after buying your supplies to start DIY .Testing and getting a feel for your flavors and flavor notes. If you dont know what your flavors taste like at various percentages its like trying to mix blindfolded.Test your flavors indivudually so you know how each one can work in a recipe.This will also give you a general idea of how concentrated each flavoring is.

Heres how i test each flavor.

Fill a 3ml bottle with 20 drops of pg with dropper .The bottle is marked off for the 20 drop level. Then i add one drop of flavoring with the same dropper. Shake the bottle and put 3 drops in a atty and vape it. I then add 2 drops pg and another drop flavoring to keep the bottle at the marked level . Next i drop 3 drops and vape (10%) . Then repeat until 20-25% just to be sure i dont undershoot my sweet spot and to know what it tastes like when it reaches a over flavored percentage . On flavors i think are going to be stronger i will start with a 40 drop base so i can start at 2.5% . Its not 100% accurate but its pretty close . I have done this on about 90 out of the 100+ flavorings i have .Its works really well to improve your diying . I dont know how id diy without doing it now . On each flavor i take notes and right down the sweet spot percentage and then taste notes on the flavor and over flavor etc . I also let them steep when im done and try it the next day and write notes on the taste after steeping .You will find the standalone percentage(sweet spot for every juice) .Dont be too concerned with the standalone number because that just shows a general concentration and the number you will use it at in recipes will be much lower. Numbers do vary a lot with other vendors. HealthCabin is one that iv found almost all to be under 5% . Some like cereal sweetcorn was best at .75% . I had to dilute it in pg .[/QUOTE]

How to use the flavors after learning how each one works above.
You really need to think of these flavors as a base note to work off of .They dont really give you the can of icing they give you the ingredients to make icing .Thinking this way will bring lots of flavor in your juice out. What i mean by that is say you want to make a chocolate juice .Just using chocolate flavoring will be decent but not anything real special . You gotta make the notes of that chocolate. Say you want it nice and creamy add some vanilla ,tweak the chocolate taste add something like cinnamon .Your not trying to make it taste like cinnamon your just trying to alter the note of the base flavor. Those are just examples . Use what you learned in the first paragraph.When making a juice you will know what flavor will alter the flavor note to give you what your looking for . When doing this the finished flavor also becomes more pronounced . If you look at my recipes youll see i never do like 15% of any flavor . Its all low percentages of a few flavors. The amount of different juices you can make are almost endless as well instead of just making whats on the bottle. Some will take time to create but it gets fun especially when you nail one. Dont just stick with Capellas either . There are other flavors from other companies which i call my tweakers or spices that make a big difference in my DIYing. Capellas is great for that base to start from while others help achieve the finished juice your looking for. There are the occasional capella flavor that could be used by itself with great results like CDS ,new Sugar cookie, lemon merange. Dont be scared to experiment .The more you play with them the better youll get at making great stuff . Just like a cook you gotta be aware of how to use flavor notes together and the only way to get there is to try it. You learn just as much from doing it wrong then doing it right. Hope that helps a little bit.

Watch out for building recipes backwards
One thing that i do on occasion that made my juices lack was knowing which flavor should be your base . This is important . Try using the opposite base/dominant flavor in your juice as see how it comes out .

I used to try t make say a cookie juice . I would always do say 10% cookie and 4% vanilla custard . It would always be lacking . I then thought maybe its backwards . I then tried 10% vanilla and 4% cookie and its much better . Sometime what you think should be your base flavor is the opposite .

Standalone juices.
There is the occasional flavor that works great by itself but for the most part they will be decent at best . Im sure decent isn't what your looking for. We want great daily vapes that can compete among the best vendors juice and standalone juices just wont do that most of the time. When making a great recipe(not standalone) it often will not even need enhancers or sweeteners. I find that when cirtain flavor notes are achieved it gives the juice a natural sweetness and richness. Also dont judge a flavor by its name. Being racist against flavorings can limit what can be achieved. What i mean by that is sometimes you can use a flavor that has nothing to do with the juice your making just to alter a flavor note. You wont taste that flavor at a low percent but it will tweak the flavor note your working with. Popcorn in a strawberry juice sounds weird but stuff like that can work wonders sometimes.

DONT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT << The more weird stuff to do the more you will learn the little tricks to making the holy grail of ejuices.
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