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Drip tips, misc stuff I want to try

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Great for use when dripping or using cartomizers, essential when using a large tank system like a liquinator or map tank, or a juice feeder system. There are a variety of them out there in derlin, acrylic/plastic, glass/pyrex, various metals. I have found that I can always taste plastic on the acrylic/plastic ones, and it really takes away from the flavor of anything that I vape. I have an aluminum one in the mail at the moment and I'm hoping that will work for me until I can get a glass/pyrex one.

What I still want to try:

Those glass drip tips! Hopefully trippytips will have some on the website to order soon.

More juice! LOL I'm always trying new juices. You never know when you're going to find something amazing.

DIY. It would be great and more cost effective, but I'm not that patient. I would think it would take a while to get this down, plus the wait time for steeping to even see if you made a good flavor would probably drive me nuts, so this is on the back-burner for now.

A juice feeder box mod. Like I said before, I'm not a fan of dripping on the atty because of the constant need to keep dripping/always have a juice bottle in your hand. But the feeder system is just squeeze and vape, and dripping on the atty does provide good flavor, so maybe this would be a way for me to enjoy it.

More tank systems. The next thing I get will be a Map tank, as soon as I have money lol.
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