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eLiquid and Health Concerns

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If you search my posts on the ECF (, I recommended eLiquids from a China merchant more than once: ( - my goto eLiquids (well, used to be my ADV liquids).

I started vaping with their eLiquids when I quit stinkies. Mainly: Camel, Coffee, Chocolate and RY4. While I was ordering eLiquids from other stores, I never ran out of my goto stuff. Although I started with 36 mg juices from them, with time I cut down the NIC levels. Their 36 mg nic liquids were kick-... in terms of TH and satisfaction. But I always got heavy head and heavy chest with their liquids. I thought, it may be because of the nic levels. So I started cutting down .. from 36 mg to 18 mg and then 12 mg. Guess what, almost same TH!

I tried liquids from many other stores: Virgin Vapor, MBV, MadVapes, HealthCabin and a few other stores. None of them matched the experience I had from UnlimitedEcigs eLiquids.

About 4 months ago, I had little health problems and my wife (she's a Nursing professional) wanted to get my health checkup done (my parents were diabetic, so it was just a regular checkup). Blood tests were done and myTG Level (triglyceride level) was 210 which is 10 above the high range border line. Quite Alarming to me and my wife!

At that time, I had no idea what could be the cause. I used to go for morning walk daily and I was really shocked to know my cholesterol was way too high. So I changed my diet and started evening walks too. A month later, we performed the test again and this time my TG was 250. I was even more shocked. *I was vaping on my goto eLiquid throughout this time*

That's when I thought I should try changing my vaping style. I stopped vaping on my goto eLiquid and started vaping MBV, VV and other stuff. Although I didn't like other stuff because it was a little low on nic (12 mg compared to 18 mg from my goto). But I thought, just continue with it. Whenever I vape on my MBV/VV/etc stuff, I never get a heavy head or heaviness in chest.
(Its a mild heaviness, barely noticeable, but it is there, i always feel it while vaping on my goto liquid. I still try my goto stuff sometimes and now i feel it even more and put it away for days just with a couple of drags. But I do not feel any heaviness in the head/chest while vaping on other stuff).

About 20 days ago, another test was performed and cheers! My TG has gone down to 180!

The same routine, the same food, the same air I breath, the same vaping style but different eLiquid.

Ok, I'm not a researcher, I'm not a doctor, I don't have a laboratory to 100% believe that it was all because of my goto eLiquid. But it is my belief that my goto liquids caused higher TG levels. My TG levels are still in the high range. I will get another test done in about 15 days and see if I get into the Normal range .. fingers crossed!

Someone on the forum mentioned that "some" Chinese companies add a lot of ingredients that are not good for health. I can't find that post now, it was somewhere in the Health forum here on ECF.

So what I've concluded, be careful while looking for low nic, high TH/satisfaction or buying cheaper eLiquids to save on money. Stick with the best that many people have tried.

Happy vaping!

Declaration: I did not write this article as a means to scareware or to say the whole industry is bad. As with any other product in the market, there is always good and bad stuff. I'm just sharing my experience about one possible bad product but also wish to say that readers should read my other posts at ECF on how eCigs helped me get away from the harmful effects of real cigarettes!
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