Outre Feb 8, 2014
Looked for how to edit to add, couldn't find it so I'll add it here.

Emailed CS on Thursday as stated, got the silly response, emailed back Friday early am stating that I couldn't understand the overlong delay, FINALLY the order shipped - won't get it until Monday.

What is that? Nine or ten days after ordering? And 6 business days after? When other vendors are getting these out in 1-2 days? And, that wasn't even what I expected. Sending it out late on the 3rd day or early on the 4th day would have sufficed and I would have gotten the order by Friday/Saturday.

If I wouldn't have emailed and complained I bet it would not have shipped yet.

Something odd going on over there. It needs fixing, but I'm not going to spend my time and dimes on it I think.

Found the Blog edit icon, but leaving this so the original isn't over long.