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Going to VapeCon

Published by DAVEG in the blog DAVEG's blog. Views: 149

I will be heading to Richmond Virginia, USA on Saturday for VapeCon. This is my 1st experience at an all out vaping party! I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and was in the hospital in March of this year when there was Vapefest in Phila. just minutes from where I live.

So, in order to go to one of these, I need to travel 5 hours by car. I think it will be well worth the trip. With me I am bringing many of my vape items I have purchased in the past 2 plus years of vaping.

Some are things that worked and some are complete flops, but they all represent the History of Vaping in the World, not just the USA as my collection was taken from all parts of the vaping World.

I hope to see many ECF Members there as it promises to be a great event.

I also think that on Saturday in the UK, there is a VapeFest taking place, so this is a Worldwide Event!!! See you there.
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