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GotVapes Flux Nectar juices

Published by killnine in the blog killnine's blog. Views: 191

So far I have tried the following from GotVapes Flux Nectar.

Butterscotch 30ml 24mg 70PG/30VG
I am still looking for the perfect butterscotch, and it took me a while to warm up to this one. Initially it was too unnatural tasting. After steeping for a week or two, it was a bit better, and less unnatural. I started on a 3.7-4.2V Bolt with a 1.8ohm coil, but switched to a 2.4ohm coil to try this again. The 2.4ohm with less wattage seems to do the trick for this. It is less harsh, and tastes better with this combination. The 1.8ohm seems to heat it up too much for the flavor to remain smooth.
Comparable to blue mist's butterscotch, but I would take BM's VG over a PG mix.

Root Beer
This tastes like a candy root beer, but with a bit of a peppery or red-hot cinammon bite to it on the exhale. Same setup as above. I haven't tried this on 2.4ohm yet, but I have a feeling it would be less harsh. I don't like the bit this one has, and 2.4ohm might tone that down. This one also tastes much better after a week or two
of sitting around. Better than Blue Mist's root beer float, but that flavor has some cream additive in it that I just don't dig at all.

Both of the above flavors produce reasonable vapor, and almost too much throat hit for me initially. This is probably due in part to the 24mg of nic. The TH seems to be a bit less with the 2.4ohm and steeping.

I would buy the butterscotch again if I don't find something better, and the root beer isn't bad. I don't have much to compare these to yet.
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