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Here I am at day 22

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Day 22,

I feel like I should be able to put in "star date......."

I cannot believe I've come this far in my quit smoking endeavor. It has been quite some time for me that I've even tried to quit, because every time I would it would fail. I hate to fail, it just makes me mad.

I have to say that the longer I go with this, the better I feel. Even the folks that I work with say that I sound better and my cough has all but disappeared. I haven't put on any weight because the vaping keeps me satisfied enough that I don't have to eat to cover the craving for the nic. I hope that soon I will be able to kick that habit as well, but it's the least of the evils from the ciggies.

Yesterday, I finally told my best friend that I had quit smoking, and his mother was sitting there listening. Her comment to me immediately was that I'm still putting bad stuff in my lungs, that I haven't truly quit. I found myself being offended by this and sitting down and explaining to her what I knew about vaping and the PG/VG nic level things that I had learned about. After listening to her for a few more minutes, I excused myself (sorry if a little rudely) and went into the other room to have a pleasant conversation with my friend and his new puppy, Jake. I'm pretty sure I offended her as well, but I was past the point of really caring as she was making me feel like what I was trying to do wasn't worth squat.

My friend gave me a huge supportive hug and told me that what I was doing was the best thing I could do, and he was proud of me for making the effort and sticking with it. :thumbs: And that was enough to be OK.

I have another lung CT Scan coming up soon, and I'm more than a little afraid to see the results. The last 2 have not been good. Although there is no diagnosis, there are changes that are making my doctors put me through the CT scans once a year. I cannot wait to tell my doc that I dropped the analogs. I just hope she doesn't give me the same uneducated lecture about vaping that I got from my friends mom. If she does I will be looking for a new doctor....

Happy times!
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