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I have a problem with reviews, And my issues with the Vaporescence Liquinator

Published by DeviantDe in the blog De's Thoughts. Views: 199

Why is it that every single review I have found is all about how they love the product? Do these reviewer only test the item for 5 minutes before doing the review? Are the people with bad product experiences just too pissed off to do a review?

I've had problems with my 5.5mL Phat Vaporescence Liquinator from the start, yet I have only seen wonderful reviews on this thing. I admit, my blog post that included a little blurb about the liquinator was made after just starting on the 2nd carto and before cleaning then trying to re-assemble the thing. While I do state issues about the carto, I had no idea it was all just going to keep going downhill from there.

Lets start with filling it:
No mater what I did, and yes I followed all instructions, liquid would come out of every end of every carto as soon as I pushed the carto in. This happened whether i had it full, 2/3 full, 1/3 full. I could fill the carto 1st or leave it dry. ALWAYS have lots of liquid coming out both sides, and not just a drop or two.

This is using the same juice 80%pg 20%vg everytime
1st carto - would not wick, at all. had to prime every vape. the liquid would just drain back out into the tank leaving the carto completely dry.
2nd carto - stayed wet, vaped pretty consistently, turned my juice black within a few hours then died.
3rd carto - constant leaking, constant flooding, constant juice in the mouth. Lots of gurgling and popping juice at me everytime I hit the button.
4th & 5th carto - too frustrated to try it at this point... maybe they will get thrown in if I try to sell this thing.

Their video shows this thing just popping back together. Mine was not like that at all.
I lubed mine up and spent 2 hours and lots of cussing before finally grabbing a rubber mallet to get the ends back in this thing. I could not get this thing back together without the mallet. Their video also appears to be made before they switched to the poly tanks, so maybe that had something to do with the ease of re-assembly in the video. Maybe they should update their instructions on how to get one of these back together.

I really am not liking this thing anymore at all. It is a great idea and I was totally excited to get it and try it out, thinking it would be great and that I wouldn't have to fill a bunch of little tanks all day. But so far, for me, it has absolutely sucked and feels like a complete waste of money. I feel like every review I watched and read was a lie. Maybe they didn't try it very long, or maybe I got the worst carto's ever (I bought them with my liquinator direct from Vaporescence) or maybe my liquinator just sucks. No matter what, for me this has been a total disappointment and I wouldn't recommend this thing to anyone.

This all also makes me leery of every other review I see.
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