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Innokin Itaste VTR Compatibility - Big List of atomizer's that fit without adapter

Published by WidowsSon in the blog WidowsSon's blog. Views: 134

I hope this will be useful to any other VTR users out there. Personally I'm not a huge fan of the iClear 30's but still want the protection of the sunken mount... If you've confirmed the fitting of a specific device, post it below and I'll add it to the list.

Note: The opening is 20mm but the nature of the device it's not exactly the tolerances of a high end mod, that being said all 19mm diameter atty's should fit, many 20mm atty's will fit, some won't although they feel like if you could just push them a little harder......

NOTE: It's obvious clearmorizers like the iClear16 are going to fit no problem, and all other ego sized devices. I will not add these to the list as it seems a little too obvious and will junk up the list. I'm not going to add a Joye 510 cartomizer to the list in other words.

Stuff that is confirmed to fit:

Clearmorizer/Glassmorizer Tanks:
IClear30 & IClear30S
Vivi Nova Tanks (standard 3mm tanks)
Kanger pro tank 2 (I really like the look and fit of this)
iSmoka BCC Mega (really like the look of this also)
Davide, Davide-S, and Davide-G (Confirmed By: Spartanstew)

Carto Tanks:
IBTanked 19mm Xl carto tank (Confirmed By: Luther) link
Phoenix Ravens Nest Carto Tank (Confirmed By: QRXT) link

Arrow Genesis (can be locked to not leak, great combo) link
Taifun GS (although is very long and sticks out the top)


Stuff that doesn't FIT

Clearmorizer/Glassmorizer Tanks:

Carto Tanks:
Kir Fanis Trap Tank
X8 Odysseus Rebuldable Catomizer Tank for 35mm Cartomizers
U-DCT 6ml Smoktech Tank
Smoktech 4.5ml 35mm Chrome STUBBY! Tank

Please let me know what the list should include, so far I think I'll show compatibility yes/no, confirmed by (username of member that confirmed fit), style (e.g. carto tank/clearmorizer etc).

Any recommendations to improve this list are welcome.
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