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Itaste Mvp 2.0 settings VW mode Based on Tank Type

Published by ImperfectFuture in the blog Using eCigs to Quit Smoking, or the umpteenth nic replacement...Successful?. Views: 360

While doing some google searches, more often than not, this forum provides the answer. Using the stock iclear 30 dual coil atomizer with 65/35 clear juice (not a tank cracker). I had it set a little high. I also didn't know this should be vv or vw, so would set one thing appropriately, then set the wattage or voltage, thinking they were working together.

One thing, when you start to hear the gurgle, change the setting. I've found the lower voltage (3.7, following along the lines of my Halo g6 batteries), can give about the same flavor as 808 batteries with a tank on top. However, the variable wattage REALLY adjusts the flavor quite nicely.

So, I set the volts at 3.7 (another YouTube video for newbies suggested 2X the resistance of your tank, so at 2.1 ohms, set vv at 4.2. I even went to 4.5. Higher led to gurgle. But more vape than flavor.). Then, I play with the variable wattage per the table above. The voltage will adjust autmatically to match the wattage setting.

Again, when you hear the gurgle on an i30, up to high. Scale it down a bit. This has kinda been fun. Using the initial 3.7 volt setting, then switching to variable wattage, I get decent taste and vapor at 7 or 7.5. The MVP v2 will adjust the voltage as necessary, but you won't be able to see it. When you press the voltage button, it switches back to that mode, and your preset (which mine was at 3.7).

Obviously, you might want a higher preset vv when using 1.8 ohms. I haven't got into my mini protank yet, where that will be more fun. Many people complained the taste is muted, and I thought so myself. But using this strategy, up the vw to just below the gurgle, and the taste is great.
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