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Kogent's Vaping Blog

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December 3, 2013 - I discovered vaping, quite serendipitously, exactly one week ago and was excited and intrigued by the possibilities. I've been a smoker for approximately 34 years and knew good and well that I was simply a nicotine junkie.
Sure, I've had aborted attempts over the years to quit but that never lasted too long and before I knew it I was back puffing away. I tried patches, gum, lozenges but that was only to get a nicotine fix in place were smoking was forbidden.
Every time I went to the doctor I'd get 'the lecture' and deep in my heart I knew he was right and the last time in there I asked what my medical options were to quit. I got a vague answer about stuff I tried and didn't work and thought the cause was hopeless. I even considered getting another doctor but we have a good one and any new doc worth their salt would tell me the same thing. No hiding from it.
Then, one week ago, I discovered this phenomena called vaping and saw a possible way out. If there is one thing I do it is research things to death. So I dug in and started to research. I found that the world of vaping had its own language and technology. What the heck was a clearomizer? On the e-cigarette-forum someone had shared some valuable wisdom: "Don't delay, order a starter kit and catch up with the learning curve while you go." Kinda like building a bicycle while you're riding it but that resonated and I found a company with a reasonably priced stater kit and placed the order. Now we wait.
The kit arrived yesterday and my hands were shaking when I plugged in the first battery to charge. I filled the 1.6 ml clearomizer with Pumpkin Spice, 18 mg juice and went out and smoked an analogue. (That last sentence contained 3 new vaping words I picked up while trying to learn all about vaping.) That last analogue was at 5:15 PM and it has been 24 hours without an analogue, an accomplishment that stuns me. I've haven't gone that long without a smoke for years and years. Wow.
The big test was this morning. My ritual is to make a cup of coffee, go outside and smoke about 5 analogues while drinking that one cup of coffee. Since I retired last year my morning intake of analogues went from 3 to 5. Vaping Pumkin Spice juice while drinking coffee is far more pleasurable that hammering 5 analogues with that coffee.
So away we go, as it were. The journey has started with that first step and as I learned many years ago 'One day at a time'. Now I feel that there is indeed, hope. There were many remarkable success stories in the forum, people much like me, caught in an evil trap and then set free, to a degree by vaping. Cool stuff.
To any reader here, I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and welcomes, all of which were obviously shared with love and caring. Separately, we are all in this together, if that makes any sense :glare: and ECF is the glue that binds us in our respective journeys, so gratitude must be expressed to the administrators and moderators here. Thanks and respect on you all.
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