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Mad juice experimenting

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As many of you are well aware, in Australia nicotine is illegal to sell except in the form of combustible and carcinogenic leaves. So I have been (in addition to ordering my staple liquids and trying out new ready-mades) experimenting with doublers and unflavored nic juice. I bought five 100% PG doublers from one of my preferred vendors: (VK4, VK5, Honey Nut Tobacco, Tobacco Grande, and Banana Nut Bread). They smelled absolutely glorious out of the box. I also ordered a half-litre of unflavored VG nic juice from www e-cig dot com which was overpoweringly redolent of nicotine patch. I added it to my juice, and as is my wont, I capriciously decided not to measure, instead filling up the 10ml bottles to the "shoulder".

Dumb idea.

I filled a brand new and expensive EGO Mega DC carto without letting it sit.

Dumb idea #2.

It was unvapeable. It had the most wretched odor and taste and was knee-weakeningly potent. I left it out to sit for a week but it didn't improve.

I decided that I would not let these go to waste, and I would adulterate them with stuff I had. I've got some small bottles of 12-18mg juice that I don't use because it simply doesn't satisfy the craving. So here is what I did, more or less. Exact quantities will not be forthcoming.

Added NiteLiteVapor Sundance 12mg to about 7ml of VapeKing VK4, to completely fill a 10ml bottle, up to the bottom of the spout.

I'd been neutral about Sundance and my other NLV samples (Renegade and the infamous Bounty Hunter) because it seemed the flavour was a bit too subtle. Possibly this was a result of ordering it at a lower strength than I was used to. Anyhow, they'd been "steeping" in a shoebox unused until I got the whacky idea to pour it into my over-strong VK4.

What could have been another dumb idea, turned out to be a rather good one, if I do say so myself. Dripping in a 510 SR atomizer on an EGO brings forth clouds of fluffy,sweet-spicy dessertish vapor. The barest hint of tobacco saves this from being a stock-standard dessert vape (which I love, don't get me wrong). It is soothing and relaxing and mild tasting. The nicotine-patch odor and flavor is 90% gone, although from the way my head is spinning it might still be a squish more potent than my usual.

More mad experiments with the rest of my formerly-ruined VK doublers coming up. Wait until you see what I did with the Banana Nut Bread!:facepalm:
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