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My Juice Review: The Good, The Bad and The WT_ Was That?

Published by Shadav in the blog Shadav's blog. Views: 24

So I just bought a ton of juice from a member. Being a new vapor I haven't really tried anything yet. I jumped straight into diy as I was an avid clove smoker and decided to attempt my own clove vape to cut costs and well in the process have found that vaping is so much more than a simple nic fix :)
I started this adventure just to diy clove and when I bought my kit got a few other flavors but figured it's time to see what is all out there so bought a huge lot of sight unseen juices....

Here is where I will be keeping tabs of my thoughts about all the different flavors I have tried....

So here comes my reviews of The Good, The Bad and the WT_ Was That Juice :)
or forum topic can be found here

These are my honest opinions no one paid me or asked me to do this....this is just my way of 1. keeping track of what I vape 2. giving back to the community that has given me so much help and info
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