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My little success story

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My little success story:

I Smoked for 32 years at a pack and a half a day, strongest ones I could get my hands on. I was having symptoms of COPD like both of my parents and did not want to go down that road. They have both passed away now, from health issues that were exacerbated by smoking.
I am an orphan at 45:(

I got my 510 kit in the mail on the morning of August 5th, 2010. I charged it up and vaped the rest of the day. I had one more smoke at bedtime and never looked back. Within 2 days my wheezing was gone and within a week my smokers cough was gone as well. I can hardly believe it has been almost 14 months now.

I still have the open pack and 1 full one, (I am going to frame them) and I carried them with me (with a lighter of course) for over 2 months before I decided I did not need to prove that this worked to myself anymore. It just worked!!!

This is the only thing that ever did for me. I tried patches, gum, zyban, champix, resolve, nicotine inhaler, hypnosis, acupuncture (basically everything available) and nothing else ever worked for me. E cigs and 24mg juice, made it like I was not even feeling deprived of my old ciggies. In fact, I had to drop to 18mg by about the 10th day.

I am proud of me :D and wanted to toot my own horn for all the world (OK the ecig forum members) to see. The e cig has given me back my life and many more years of it as well.:2cool:

As some of you may know I lost my Mom in March of this year after a very long and terrible illness. In the last 2 years of her life she was in the ICU approximately 10 times and each time it was touch and go and we almost lost her on many of those admissions to the ICU. I had managed to drop my nicotine level down to about 6 to 8mg over the first 8 months of vaping. But when my Mom finally passed away it was almost too much to bear and I almost started smoking again. I thought about it many times and had to increase my nicotine levels to try to ward of the cravings for the ciggies. I kind of felt that I was hurting so much that I just did not care about my health and was trying to rationalize and make it OK to smoke. I eventually increased all the way up to 28mg and never did have a smoke.

I have just started lowering my nicotine levels again, and plan to take my time doing it. I am really happy that I made it through one of the Most Stressful Life Events one can have and did not smoke. I now know that August 5th, 2010 is for sure the last day I ever smoked and will ever smoke.

Not to mention all the money I have saved that was just burning up

$8.75/pack X 1.5/day X 30days X 13.5 months = $5,315.00

Minus the mod's, cartos, juices, tanks, atties, ....... So I think I have saved up about $5.00 ..... No, just kidding....I think I have saved (not spent on ciggies or e-cig stuff or juice) about $3000.00 so far (most has already been spent on other things to treat myself because I finally managed to quit smoking) But I now have my Provari and just want to get some sort of tank system that will work with carto's and I will be good to go! Just juice purchases from then on (I Hope:facepalm:)

All that $$$ back in the jeans, will make a good holiday next summer to celebrate 2 years.

I hope it goes this well for all you new recruits.

Good luck to all of you,

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