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On finding the right in your world

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............tis a fine morning here and the birds are singing and the family of goldfinches are having a family meal at the birdfeeder to amuse and delight me. Yeah, there is a lot wrong with the world............our justice system working the way it should but many not liking the outcome, people hurting and doing worse to our children, unemployment, folks losing their homes and their ability to care for themselves, apathy towards our government leaders and the process, sickness, disease and diseases not recognized.........the taboo, the mentally ill, the addict, the pariah syndrome afflicted......(HIV, AIDS,HEP C), yes, our education system is lacking and we struggle behind other countries in our childrens Math and Science scores. We are losing the pissing match of world domination. IDK about you all but I don't need to dominate anyone or anything. I want a fair wage, to be able to pay my bills on time, happy, healthy children and most of all the freedom to do all that and choose to worship as I please.
Yeah, there is a lot wrong but I choose to see what is right in our world. Our constitution and the bill of rights are IMHO the best in the world. I enjoy my freedoms and know that they were not given to me fought for me to have them. We hear the bad but never hear the good. When was the last time someone told you of a fender bender in the wally world parking lot where no one was hurt and each checked the others car and apologized and handled the "accident" as an accident instead of a gun fight? Nah, we tell about the 5 car pile ups on the expressway and the ambulances and the number hurt. Our eyes are fixed on the negative and if as much time was taken to seek out the good, our world, our towns, our neighborhoods would be safer, friendlier and kinder. I always took my two children to a homeless shelter or the veterans home to volunteer at holiday times to teach them to serve and to see how blessed they were. I tried last Thanksgiving to take my 5 year old Grandson to begin his teaching in service and was turned away as "no children below age 18 can volunteer." Try teaching an 18 year old to wake before noon on off school days and see how that goes..........too late at that age to teach.........he is already trained to text, sleep, fakebook, operate smart time for service, "I have an online match at 3pm" or "we all are meeting in IRC chat at 8" or "I just got a tweet that Usher is in Newark, me and my friends are going." Social media has replaced human contact and while I love my online friends and need the support, camaraderie and fun of meeting new people, it is not the center of my life. Right at this moment, that family of goldfinches is and I am fine with that. I challenge you all to take 15 minutes each day to find your moments, think about what is right and give thanks to the God of your understanding. It really does make more things right in your world.
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