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Political Diatribe - please ignore

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Have you noticed how many threads in the Legislation forum quickly degenerate into generic (and royally unhelpful) Liberals vs. Conservatives debates? I'm pretty much sick of it. I don't understand the compulsion some people have trying to convince me to choose between my right to vape and my right to have an abortion; between my right to own a gun and my right to be protected from greedy corporations; between my right to make the rules in my own bar and the right to have a social safety net...

I don't swallow wholesale either the liberal or the conservative propaganda, nor do I subscribe to the fringe factions on either side. I think it's perfectly acceptable to demand that govt keeps their grabby paws off my vape, my gun, and my wife's womb, while at the same time demand they fight economic inequality by eliminating tax loopholes for the rich and corporations, creating a social safety net for the less fortunate, and ensuring access to affordable education and healthcare. I want freedom to raise my kids the way I see fit and I also want the sociopathic cockroaches in the financial sector reigned in and punished for crashing the economy.

The vaping debate is not a Liberal or Conservative issue. The freedom to vape should not be diametrically opposed the opportunity to have a paid vacation from your employer. And framing it that way is the greatest accomplishment of the govt. I'm fairly certain the party lines have been drawn in such way to create the greatest amount of division among the population, by splitting up incongruent personal freedoms, economic, and political issues on either side of the divide. I wish there were a way to stop falling for this trick and demand govt acts in the interest of the people irrespective of party lines...

None of this makes any sense really, I just needed to rant; and now I feel better... vape on!
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