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Random thoughts from a rookie (still in first year)

Published by Buffalano in the blog Buffalano's blog. Views: 231

I've been vaping for 7 months now and I've gone through a lot of different tanks and devices.I originally started off with a Kanger ProTank 2 and Windr. The taste was amazing, didn't purchase to quit smoking (was at the time smoking 2 packs a day) but so that I could just get my nic fix at work and/or while indoors at theathers, restaurants, etc...I didn't pick another cigarette up for at least 4 months (I'll explain).Within the first week I wanted a device that went past 4.8voltz. I went ahead and bout a SmokTech ZMax and it went to 6.0 voltz and gave me the heat I wanted so that I could substitute cigarettes.My new addiction wasn't the nicotine or the flavors or different juices, it was just buying different mods and tanks, I wanted to and still want to try EVERYTHING. I've spent so much money on vaping and have no regrets. All of my older devices and tanks have been passed on free of charge to other people that were curious about vaping. I haven easily given away $1,000 of vaping material between ProTanks and Nautiluses and mods. I'm never satisfied.For example I purchase 3 months ago the VaporShark DNA 30. Love this device, I use it more than my Hana DNA 20 (was given to me as a gift). Now that VaporShark offers a DNA 30 with interchangable 18650 batteries, and I want to get rid of my VaporShark lol.I'm a very big man, have problems breathing, woke up every morning like any smoker and coughed up the nastiest things ever (I'm sure those who have smoked before know what I'm talking about.) Since switching to vaping, things are great, no more green or yellow or brown chunks every morning. No more hard time breathing.I know this is going all over the place but just felt like typing some of this. If you have any questions please feel free to message me, I have tried everything from starter kits to building RDA/RBA's. Used all batteries from eGo to DNA to mech mods.Hope to hear from y'all soon!
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