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Remembering "How to be a smoker"

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As a former smoker, I am very familiar with the trials and tribulations of trying to quit. From the patch to the gum , to the carrots and the straws. I know all the ways I have tried to forget about smoking and the habbits I had formed when I tried to quit.

What I find very interesting is with the e-cigarette I find myself trying more and more to remember “how to be a smoker”. This is due to the one downfall I see with the e-cigarette, it not burning down and telling you when you are done, I am often forced to try to recall the situation I am in: how much I would smoke, or when I would start and then stop. For instance, if I grabbed a smoke in the car on the way home from work, when was it usually burned down? When did I start another one? What I find myself doing more often than none is watching the person I go out with’s cigarette to see when it burns down, but even then I have to gauge, did I smoke slower or faster than them?

Although this may sound odd or annoying I find it relieving. Part of the biggest stress of quitting smoking is trying to push all those twinges of memory out of your brain to make it so you didn’t want a cigarette, remembering sometimes was the hardest and breaking point to smoking again. But oh how the tables have turned and it is almost therapeutic.

By wanting to remember when you smoked it actually makes you glad you have stopped and are not smoking regular cigarettes, because by gosh this thing in your hand now makes you feel less guilty each puff. Don’t get me wrong, I am still not sure if my nicotine needs have gone up or down with the e-cigarette(I am still in the process of this one, update ya when I know), but I do know my mind has been eased and I am glad that I do not have to try so hard to forget. I haven’t even had a quitters nightmare yet, where you smoke a cigarette and break your 2 month streak or whatever of not smoking, waking up in a sweat and a sore throat. (don’t ask me why I cannot figure that one out)

At one point I had quick for 6 years, and I never could forget… so this is a welcome change.
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