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Rewicking PT3/ Aerotank Heads Single coil with Micro coils and Cotton Part Two

Published by Fenris4024 in the blog Fenris4024's blog. Views: 38

...IF all looks good, snip them off either using a pair of fingernail clippers, or you can try the "twist it till it breaks method", but this is a tad bit harder with 28ga wire.

Now on to perhaps the trickiest part of the build, and that's the cotton.... because for every liquid and person, there's a slightly different amount. I tried my best to show the amount I use for this particular build, which works great for my draw style, and for 50/50 or 65/35 liquids (at least in my opinion) Pic one is the "unrolled" fluff, and pick two shows the loosely rolled and "pointed" end which will become important in inserting it into the coil itself (pic 3)

Once we get to this part, its almost done, and will be in part three... so on to the next part!!!!
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