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Sampoerna by Dekang from Fasttech

Published by Shadav in the blog Shadav's blog. Views: 198

omg I'm in :wub: :hubba:
not from my box of goodies....never thought I'd find that taste again...back in the day before clove cigarettes were banned I only smoked sampoerna xtras...while this isn't the same as the xtras it is the unremarkable flavor of the sampoerna brand :wub:

Sampoerna by Dekang from Fasttech

as I said this is unmistakable sampoerna :wub: robust flavor lightly sweet, mildly spicy, with a hint of clove :wub: no throat hit and very little plume but the taste....sorry I can't help it...if you were a clove smoker this is a must try! And if you were like me and hated djarums but only bought them because it was all you could get in the US :mad: this is the juice for you!

now to diy and add more clove/anise to it and maybe some java and i'll have the xtras that i've been long for since before I even started vaping :lol:
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