1. SFATA power breakfast with California State Senator Joel Anderson

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    SFATA are being hosted by California State Senator Joel Anderson this Weds for a "power breakfast". You can bring your input and ideas to him at his El Cajon district office between 9.30 and 10.30. If you're interested and can attend, please visit www.tinyurl.com/SFATApowerbreakfast
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Saugus, MA Call to Action Soon to be fully updated for immediate contact

Published by Stop Smoking in the blog Stop Smoking's blog. Views: 115

The Saugus Board of Health has proposed restricting the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors and the use of electronic cigarettes in public places.

This ordinance would:
Restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and ban the use of e-cigarettes in any public place where smoking is prohibited.
The board plans on discussing this at their next meeting on Monday April 2nd at 6:15 pm, and will vote on the ordinance final daft at the time. If you wish to be added to the agenda to speak at a later public hearing, please go to CASAA website cassa.org or board@casaa.org.

This vote would equate electronic cigarette outdoor use with smoking!

Please respond with accurate stories of how ecigs have helped. State as in the CASAA Call to Action what it is that ecigs are- vapor not smoke producers and that they are well tolerated and if you have felt better- tell them.

John Connell
And I care about your right to Tobacco Harm Reduction methods that don't cause depression and don't work.

ANALOGUE FREE SINCE 12/20/2010- First Vape and Last Analogue after 30 plus years of every method under the sun.
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