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Seduce Juice

Published by Rin13 in the blog Rin13's blog. Views: 267

Mixed 3/20 (written 4/6)
**Since all of these seem to have the same/similar cream base, I suspect that these will need a good steep time. they have already substantially changed thus far**

Genesis- anise/absinthe was very strong at first but as steeping continues, the citrus notes are becoming more pronounced. i liked it either way. i suspect this is similar to "Pluid"
Snake Oil- creamy pear with a slight coconut note. the coconut seems to be dissipating at the cream/pear becomes more pronounced and I'm not sure I dig that. may end up adding more coconut.
Frankincense- strawberry with some other note. may be "kiwi" as described. not sure. It's ok.
White Zombie- VERY strong mint at first. We're talking Listerine. However, as it steeps the 'alcohol/mouthwash' like note is becoming less pronounced and the mint is becoming more mellow. I actually liked it really strong but prefer it now that it's a tad calmer. Definitely a palette cleanser.
Jango- very odd/unique flavor. someone said it was a Boba's clone... which sounds about right. it's got that tobacco base with a touch of cinnamon, cocoa and lord only knows what else. it seems to change every time I try it which seems to happen with the other one. it's interesting... I definitely don't dislike it but not sure I love it either.
Exodus- another one I'm confused about. the flavor I detect, I like but it's a tad on the weak end. I get a faint raspberry flavor.
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