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So, to my regret, I'm done with Virgin Vapor

Published by Outre in the blog Just a few thoughts from time to time .... Views: 169

Yes it's a done deal, I feel that I have to remove my business from Virgin Vapor.

The order came in.

Not only was it incorrect in what it contained, I was gypped on product, but it was also shipped at a lower postal rate than what I requested and was charged for.

No matter what the truth is about what really happened, here is how it feels;

It feels like someone got angry that I chased up my order and asked questions about why it was taking so long. I mean really? The printed order receipt could not have been gone over and checked before the envelope was sealed?​

I order 2-1 ounce bottles of a particular product and what came in was ONE 1/2 ounce bottle of what I ordered.

Really? $30 of charges for which there was no product.

And yes, I was correct. Someone printed the order off, wrote "Custom" on it and then probably dropped it into whatever "Custom" basket they have there instead of just filling the bottle with the 1 ounce of pre-mixed flavorless base liquid that I ordered.

Pretty lame.

So I wrote another email to inform them of this.

Took them two days to get back to me.

Sorry Annette, but you've got some Customer Service and delivery problems over there. It's not my job in life to put up with them. So I am forced to take my business elsewhere for a more seamless experience.

This is business, not a social club. I want to order with the expectation if getting what I paid for in a timely fashion.
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