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The Juice, part 3 of my opinions and preferences

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The Juice:

Everyone likes something different.
Everyone tastes things differently and what works for some may never work for you. Even if a place is highly recommended by hundreds of people, it may not be for you.

Get sample flavors from lots of vendors when you start out, take advantage of freebies, sales, specials, contests, etc. Some vendors you will hate, some you will love. It's all a matter of what works for you.

Tobacco flavors will never taste like a cigarette, never. Some of them are good all on there own, some of them taste terrible. Again, it's all a matter of what you like.

Try things that you love as food, try things that you don't. Like I love chocolate, but I have only found a few things with chocolate in them that I can vape. I hate everything in the gummy candy world, but I really like gummy flavored juice. You just never know what's going to work for you until you try it.

If you get juices that you don't like the moment you get them, stash them away for a month and then check them out again, you would be surprised at how much of a difference time/steeping can make. Sometimes a week or two will make a difference, but it seems that the longer it steeps the better it gets.
If you still don't like it, sell it or trade it here in the classifieds, or trade or give it away in the pay it forward section.

Vendors I've tried so far, I'm not listing all the flavors, just those that made an impression:

Vaperbomb- Love the waffle! It is my favorite vape. The cafe mocha is good, but I feel like it's missing something, I just haven't figured out what yet.

Tasty Vapor- the custom cupcake blend!- I got chocolate & buttercream and it tastes like cocoa puffs cereal. My second favorite flavor.

Joogler Juice - I hated everything they sent at 1st, but after a month of steeping it's all good. I really like the gummy bear!

Mrs T's bakery - I really like the spearmint I got here, not as fond of the bluraspberry as I thought I would be. I haven't tried any of the baked goods flavors yet, no clue why I didn't order any, but I guess I'll have to remedy that soon.

Vermilion River - Excellent raspberry flavor. They sent me a watermelon sample and though I don't really like watermelon I did try it before giving it away and it did taste just like the fruit.

Virgin Vapor - I got chocolate flavors and didn't like them at 1st so I'm letting them steep and hoping for the best.

Currently looking forward to checking out the orders I placed yesterday from

Blue Mist vaping

Kick Bass Vapor


And many more from Vaporbomb

Hoping for good things!! Wish me luck!
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