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TheVaporGirl review

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As I mentioned earlier, I've ordered some supplies from a lovely and helpful member of this forum, ArtHistoryGirl. She runs the website which is chock-full of interesting and unusual stuff I've not seen anywhere else. She mixed these liquids for me especially, at 24mg (her standard is 12). They come in 15ml needle-tipped bottles which is a nice touch. I paid full price for all products.

Sweet Potato Pie

This one is unusual and delicious. It has the notes of crust, faint spice, sweetness and the starchy earthiness of the sweet potato. Not excessively spicy at all. It becomes almost savory in the mouth. Trust me, you have not tasted this anywhere else.

Chocolate Pecan Fudge

I have been searching for the perfect chocolate E-liquid and been frustrated. Arthistorygirl promised me that her chocolates were better than anyone else's. Impressed by her confidence, I tried this out. It was, as promised, fantastic. True rich milk chocolate with a hint of nuttiness. Having said that, I find that even though this is the best choc E-liquid I've ever tasted by far, I still don't care for choc e-liquids in general. They suffer too much in comparison to real chocolate. But I will be keeping this for certain and possibly mixing it with other things.

Kettle Corn

Utter surprise: this tastes like hazelnut! Specifically, like the French confectionery ingredient known as pate de noisette: aromatic hazenut paste with a dense, buttery texture. Think Nutella without the chocolate. Delicate and flavorful with a tiny hint of popcorn in the aftertaste. I love this. I dearly love kettle corn but this is even better.

Cinnamon Roll

Right now, this is too strong. I can smell the dough faintly but on inhale all I get is serious, throat-searing cinnamon. Will let it sit for a while to see if the flavours meld. Has potential.

Vanilla Tobacco

I think this is another one that needs to steep. It bears a faint "oily" undertone that ruins the otherwise nice vanilla. Arthistorygirl says this is a favourite of hers so I will revisit in a few weeks and see.

7 Stars Starter Kit

This is one of the most gorgeous and stylish PV kits on the market. Slim silver 510 auto batteries with a plastic "jewel" on the tip that glows in 7 different colours with each successive inhale:laugh:. The atomizers it comes with appear to be normal 510-T atomizers (the battery is labelled 510-X, for what it's worth) and the cartridges are very interesting: they look like 510-T tanks but without the snap-on lids. You fill them up with liquid, then snap them on while holding the battery upside-down (jewel pointing up) Then you upend the battery and vape. It does leak a little but not horribly, and the taste is phenomenal. The capacity is probably 1ml or thereabouts, so you will have to have spare liquid handy if you want to make this your all-day vaping device. It does not have a cutoff, so you can take nice long drags. I have been using my xxl dccs on it and they do shorten the battery life considerably, so take that into account. I love this kit. Brings my love of gadgets and pretty things together most in an elegant PV at a reasonable price.

Do stop by The Vapor Girl: the very best vaping solutions known to man! and check out her wonderful range of goodies.
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