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Two of Four aint bad

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I have a few 510 attys that are about 3-4 months old and they seemed to be getting really clogged. During those months I have tried to clean them by blowing them out and even using hot water in an attempt to get a smoother draw from them. Nothing seemed to work for too long. I recently bought new attys from (silver) and the first one I tried worked better than any other atty that I have ever used. My brother had shared with me some of his experiences with his 510 attys and they vary from pulling water through a straw to pulling a Wendys frosty. After using this new atty now I really know the difference. Once I used a smooth atty that pulls light and produces plumes of vapor I had to try to get my other attys to do the same.

I have never tried coke, vinigar or anything else but I decided to try boiling and baking. I was in the middle of doing some kitchen chores so it did not seem to take time out of my day. I was in the kitchen anyway. What I did was boil some water then dropped 4 attys in for about 5 minutes (may have been too long.) Then strained them out of the pot then put them in the toaster oven. I have a setting for light, medium and dark. [**If you do this, make sure you clean all your screw threads. Otherwise what is there may bake on permanently.] I figured that I would set the toaster oven to dark so I would know when to take them out. (Again, may have been too long.) When the toast cycle was complete I, mistakingly, left them in the toaster oven. After a few more minutes I started to smell a faint plastic burn smell. After taking them out and letting them cool I tried them.

After they were dry and cooled I noticed that the atty bridge almost looked white they were so 'clean.' But I must have either boiled or toasted them too long because I noticed that the white ring that you normally see on the end that attaches to the battery was black.

Two of the attys did not work at all but the other two work great now. One of the two working ones has a really light draw while the other has a considerable stiffer draw but they both produce a great deal more vapor. When the cart runs dry I am now noticing that there is a burnt taste but I would just refill or top off and continue vaping. There is one trick that I have not tried yet to remove the burnt taste but it has not really bothered me that much.

If I were to do this again I would reduce the time I boil and toast the attys. I have yet to get the perfect times for them. What I can tell you is that there is a significant difference between toasting black and silver attys. Silver attys (the ones I have) have a film or paint on it which flakes when toasted. Black attys take a longer time to cool than the silver ones. After taking a black atty out of the toaster oven it will remain hot for quite some time and may continue to melt or burn the plastic ring inside.

I am not suggesting to do this to your hardware. I am merely sharing my experience with the experiments I have conducted. I am still planning on getting new attys often and not really trying to make them last very long but when I have a few that I no longer use I will most likely try boiling and toasting again. Getting two attys out of four to work really well is not bad especially when I was not intending to use them anymore. That rate is actually about the same (if not better) as getting a really good atty out of four new ones.

Hope this helps. I will post a video of vapor production.

YouTube - cleaned atty
[sorry video is dark. I am sitting in the living room with only the Christmas lights, TV and my laptop screen as a light source and the video was taken with my Tilt2]
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