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Update 32 Days

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It's been a while since I have posted on the blog because I am a public school teacher and we are back to school after the summer off. I am now 32 days into vaping, but I will confess to a couple of analogs smoked at a family gathering (literally a couple and there was drinking involved). I have an MVP now and I am totally loving it and I am enjoying several great juice flavors.

Update on a previous juice review: Blue Moo (Mt Baker Vapor) 65pg 35vg, 12 mg 1 extra shot --I initially said I had to stop vaping it because it was too sweet. Well, a couple days ago I tried it again, this time it had been steeping for several weeks. I am totally enjoying it again, the flavor is mellow and sweet. So, changing my view on this one.

Thug Juice (Mt Baker Vapor) 65pg 35vg, 12mg, 1 extra shot--Still my ADV, really love it.

Cinnamon Roll (Mt Baker Vapor) 65pg 35vg, 12mg, 1 extra shot--Really loving this flavor, it is a nice sweet, cinnamon, bakery flavor. I love it with coffee and before bed.

Hawk Sauce (Mt Baker Vapor) 65pg 35vg, 12mg, 1 extra shot-This one is still up in the air for me, initially it had a good sweet and sour fruit flavor but I found it a little too sour. I got heartburn from it pretty quick, so I am letting this one steep and hoping that it will mellow in time because I liked the flavor but just a little overpowering FOOB.

These are all Mt Baker Vapor, as you can see, but I do have other companies' flavors. I will give my opinion on those at a later time. I am definitely finding the need to let some of them steep longer than my favorite MBV flavors.

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