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Why are e-cigs bad when all the separate ingredients are FDA approved?

Published by catlady60 in the blog catlady60's blog. Views: 15

I don't understand why you want to regulate e-cigarettes and e-liquid as if it posed the same risk as traditional, combustible tobacco products when every ingredient in e-liquid when purchased separately is FDA approved already.

E-liquid contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and flavorings, all of which are already approved--when purchased separately. But when we put them together and vape these ingredients, why does it suddenly pose a problem and has to be regulated as a tobacco product, ostensibly to protect children, replete with exorbitant taxation on a product that promises to save lives instead of killing us?

My opinion is that it isn't public health that's being protected, but rather, a moral crusade against nicotine in all its forms masquerading as a public health campaign. Morality has no place in determing public health policy, especially when it contradicts scientific evidence that e-cigarettes pose no more than 2% of the harm of conventional cigarettes. Please keep this in mind.
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