2nd scientist calls out EUs fact twisting

Discussion in 'EU Legislation' started by Orb Skewer, Jan 13, 2014.

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  1. Orb Skewer

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  2. AgentAnia

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    I've seen some interesting comments this morning, relating to complaints from both Dawkins and Farsalinos, that the PTBs are damaging not just the EU's tobacco control efforts, but the EU itself, in the eyes of member states as well as worldwide.

    I see the same thing happening in the US as well, as ANTZ and public health antis tactics are damaging public perception of the whole public health/non-profit/regulatory sector.

    Evidently the fanatics' heads are so deep in the sand they don't see what's happening?
  3. Orb Skewer

    Orb Skewer Ultra Member

    The higher echelons know full well whats going down Ania, but where is their 'golden bridge' ?, the lower rungers are just marching to a tune, and being out of the circle that we occupy they might be excused for their ignorance, the 'top-dogs' have lines of communication just as we do, hence the sudden onslaught of media BS and public health drives-the 'old guard' are never ever going to do a U-turn at this stage, a glimmer I see is the media seems to have reached a tipping point and is ever so slowly steering toward 'the truth'.

    The likes of 'Stan the Spanner' aint getting any younger either-who will step into his shoes with the same fevered lunacy ?
  4. NorthOfAtlanta

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    I like this one, short and sweet. Do not lie in my name, my science does not back your BS.

    She said it in as polite a way as she could but that was the message.

  5. Anjaffm

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    Well done! :thumbs:

    As a citizen of Germany, I can tell you that the EU bureaucracy does not have a good reputation, also among non-vapers.

    All it does is eat our money - and a lot of it - and then meddles in the internal affairs of other countries (such as whether Germany must pay welfare payments to foreign citizens who entered the country for the sole purpose of receiving such free money).
    It has also banned such things as light bulbs with 100 watts. Duh.. At the time of that light bulb ban, only some new-fangled ugly looking lightbulbs were available that contained mercury. Mercury is poisonous, and it is released if one of those bulbs breaks.
    Well, now, we have LED bulbs - at the cost of about 20 Euro a bulb. Duh....

    Don't ask European citizens about the EU.... anybody remember the "Common Agricultural Policy"? (= big huge farming subsidies, paid by taxpayers)

    Here's the EU - and the EU Commission - for you, dated May 2013:
    EU drops olive oil jug ban after public outcry - Telegraph

    Frankly speaking, the EU has become a monster.


    In our country, the AfD (political party that is against EU meddling) missed the necessary 5% in the last election by just a few votes. Have a few more unemployed people from new EU countries migrate to Germany in order to collect welfare payments, and the AfD is in, in the next election. Enough is enough.
  6. NorthOfAtlanta

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    Love this quote, anecdotal evidence is good enough to ban a long standing practice across Europe but not good enough when a million + people have stopped smoking with e-cigarettes.

  7. The Ministry

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    I must admit I used to think the UK was better off "staying in" the EU - if we ever have a referendum on the issue (i'm assured we will have one, but I am -not- holding my breath) then this crazy stuff only makes my response easier...
  8. makeyourself

    makeyourself Full Member

    But the MHRA has been gagging to regulate e-cigs as medicines for the good of us all. Its only being held back by the EU, see this. It first came to the very right and proper conclusion that it should to regulate them as medicines after consulting with some very nice people from big pharma who know far better than we do what's good for us.
  9. Julie W

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  10. jpargana

    jpargana Super Member

    Those people have their hands deep in 'something', all right!!!
  11. Stosh

    Stosh Vaping Master

    Is she single? I'm in love....:blush:
  12. NorthOfAtlanta

    NorthOfAtlanta Ultra Member Verified Member

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    Maybe somewhere that their solar powered brains can't get any light and they are malfunctioning?

  13. jpargana

    jpargana Super Member

    Yes... they have chosen the wrong technology... they should have chosen biomass... because they have their heads deep in rotting garbage, agricultural waste and poultry litter...! :evil:

    On the other hand, I realized I made a mistake in my previous comment: I meant their heads deep in 'something', not their hands... :facepalm:

    That's because I know all too well where their hands have been since I was fifteen: deep in my pockets, grabbing every little coin with their stubby little fingers... but not anymore. I put an end to it five years ago - thanks to the e-cig.

    See how scared they are now ?? :ohmy:
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