Atlanta, GA area E-Vapers?

Discussion in 'US E-Smokers' started by wv2win, Feb 20, 2009.

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  1. wv2win

    wv2win ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Any Atlanta, GA area vapers on this forum??
  2. Nori

    Nori Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I tried to post earlier but couldn't and did not have time to figure it out. It's nice to see someone from my neck of the woods!

    We should compare notes sometime
  3. a-mechanic

    a-mechanic New Member

    I'm in north metro atlanta. And have sold at least a dozen people on the product. (I don't sell them)
  4. Nori

    Nori Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I think my co-workers that smoke (very few in count) are watching to see how I am doing. I try to keep low key as they let me vape at my desk (love it, I was getting tired of freezing my behind off every time I got the urge!)

    Looks like we are in a pretty good location. I found a supplier in Florida (vapornine) been receiving things almost instantly, (good guy by the way) and I just took a look at the puresmoker site and read his message stating that they are in the middle of moving to Tenn., so it looks like we will be well supplied happy vapers! :D
  5. MrsJaaxx

    MrsJaaxx Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I'm about 10-15 minutes outside of Atlanta-- near Six Flags. LOL As we discovered, about clear on the opposite side of Atl. as WV2win!
  6. Octal040

    Octal040 Full Member

    I'm From ATL but currently in OC California. Moving back to ATL in March next year tho.
  7. ShapeShifter

    ShapeShifter Full Member

    I live in Stone Mtn and work in Tucker. But will be working at Ashford Dunwoody next month - man I am NOT looking forward to the trek across the perimeter haha.

    Just starting vap-ing this week.
  8. Cobain76

    Cobain76 Full Member

    I am in Columbus.
  9. amaris81

    amaris81 Full Member

    Sandy Springs here. Ive been searching everywhere in the city to find e-liquid. Thinking bout opening up my own store... maybe in little 5.
  10. NicoNut

    NicoNut Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hey! Good to see some fellow peaches! Oops, don't guess guys would appreciate being called a fruit though:oops:. Sorry!

    I live in Smyrna, so that's at least 8 cities so far where the vapor is rising!:cool: Yes, WV2's location is quite a trek from this side..I used to venture out to the Collin's Hill area at least once a week..during evening rush hour!:p
  11. MrsJaaxx

    MrsJaaxx Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    We are totally neighbors! Austell/Mableton. Way off topic but if you eat at Howard's, you can get 3 meals out of one order of chicken parmesan and be stuffed silly every time.
  12. Nori

    Nori Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Even further off the track......Can't wait to try your juicy juice!
  13. thatgirl1985

    thatgirl1985 Full Member

    North Georgia here...near Woodstock.

    Go Peaches and their men...

  14. peachette

    peachette Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Sandy Springs.
    Hey amaris...we're neighbors. Hope you open a store soon!
  15. NicoNut

    NicoNut Senior Member ECF Veteran me there and we'll share a meal and do some business in the parking lot!:cool: I can be there in like 5 minutes! ;) Sorry I didn't check back after I posted...was just on the suppliers forum lookin' for your site since I noticed you had the supplier label. Of course when you said near Six Flags, I knew you had to be really close. I'd been thinking all along that I recognized the smoke stack in Jaxx's avatar pic. Sorry...I'm a little slow here..didn't hear about you opening shop! to check out Juicy Juice...

    Julie added-(no wonder I didn't hear!! When are you opening shop?)
  16. peachette

    peachette Senior Member ECF Veteran


    THICKFOG Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Northwest Atlanta (Kennesaw). Been vaping for a month now, Drip only. The DSE901 is the greatest invention since the wheel, provided it's supplied by 4.5 volts.
  18. Retard-O-Bot

    Retard-O-Bot Full Member

    It figures Id find the ATL forum after I'd already made my other post...

    At any rate, any one know of any brick and mortar retailers in our area? I live in Sandy Springs (bout 3 miles from Perimeter Mall) but am frequently in the Northern Gwinnett and Eastern Cobb area.

    Im kinda new to this whole thing and would like to see it in action before actually dropping some $ on it.

    Thanks guys!
  19. maria_anne

    maria_anne Full Member

    Hey guys! Half of my time is spent in ATL, the other half in Macon (the boring half :p).

    I'm brand new to e-cigs, waiting for my first 901 from PS to arrive.. hopefully tomorrow! :fingers crossed:

    It's interesting with a city as large and diverse as Atlanta, I honestly have never run into an e-smoker.. and I hang out at some weird, interesting places with some weird, interesting people! LOL

    Retard-O-Bot, I was having dinner with a friend last weekend and he said a coworker bought an e-cig from a kiosk in Perimeter.. however, I'm assuming it's a Smoking Everywhere product, and I would do a little more research around the forum before deciding to go to them with your purchase. :)

    It's interesting that Amaris is thinking about opening up a shop in LP5... I know I would frequent it, and I think it would be a great location for it.
  20. Gahau

    Gahau Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Yay more atl ppl!
    i am right downtown next to tech... i should start my on ecig biz and start putting college logo on it lol
    sell it to all my fellow tech student :evil:
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