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Discussion in 'Intellicig' started by Shining Wit, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Shining Wit

    Shining Wit Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Well according to my 4 year old grandaughter who lives with us and drives us
    even more insane it is! She has just gone off to her very first Disco at school
    and was dressed so sweet it brought a tear to my eye:cry:
    She softened my heart so much I had to make a special offer for Christmas
    and me modeling myself on old Ebenezer himself!!

    So many of you have experienced the benefits of Intellicig why not give one
    as a Christmas gift to someone you care about. The Intellicig Experience is
    available in three colours, White, Black & Silver, with all parts being
    interchangeable. By way of a thank you to our valued customers we are
    offering a 10% discount on all kits bought before midnight on the 31st December,
    which is the perfect time to give someone the chance to make the transition
    to Intellicig and to keep their New Year's Resolution.
    To claim your 10% discount enter the code santa09 at the checkout.

    Also, we have decided to give our hardworking staff a holiday this year!
    (Last year I was the hardworking staff and gave up 4 days holiday for you lot!!) :rolleyes:
    Our offices will close on 23rd December 2009 and will reopen on the
    4th January 2010
    Due to the Christmas period, our last date for posting is the 21st December,
    as advised by Royal Mail. To guarantee delivery before Christmas we advise
    you order as soon as possible as demand is high and we would like to ensure
    your product arrives in time.

    Orders will still be processed during the holiday period and we will be posting
    as many as possible on the 30th December. Normal posting will resume on
    the 4th of January when we return to work.

    For any special next day deliveries please contact a member of the team before ordering.

    Have a great Christmas and New year from the Intellicig Team.


    To claim your 10% discount enter the code santa09 at checkout.

  2. Chuchi

    Chuchi Full Member ECF Veteran

    Dear Mr. John (I don't know your last name so I apologize)

    It's been a while since I'm planning to purchase my first e-cig and by reading the forum seems that you have the best product out there.
    I have a few questions though. Lately I came across some unsatisfied customers here on the forum, complaining mainly about getting faulty batteries and bad customer service. Since the e-cig for me is not the cheapest option due to currency exchange values (I'm from Croatia and cigarettes are still quiet cheap compared to the EU), custom charges and the fact that shipping probably won't be as fast as I we would like it since I'm not in the EU, you'll surely understand my concerns. I want to make clear that this is in no way a provocation, that I basically made up my mind and that I will place my order in the next few days.
    Mainly I would like to know directly from you your defense on the accusations by some members about faulty batteries and bed service. Second question is: did you already ship to Croatia and do you know how long did it take to get here?
    I apologize if this message is a bothering one for you.
    Thanks in advance for the answer.


    your future customer!
  3. Chuchi

    Chuchi Full Member ECF Veteran

    And, by the way, I'm sorry to place this question here since I know it's completely off topic. I tried to send a PV but for some reason it won't do :(
    I am a new member and I can't post newe threads either.
  4. Angela

    Angela Ultra Member ECF Veteran


    Didn't you ask the opinion of EVO users in another thread, and receive a resounding thumbs up from intellicig customers?

    At that time, you yourself said that you only found 1 complaint from 1 customer and that was more than 6 months ago!!!!!
  5. Chuchi

    Chuchi Full Member ECF Veteran

    That is true! I know that sounds weird, but I'm still i little bit concerned. Sorry
  6. Chuchi

    Chuchi Full Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks John for the reply! I'm sorry if the question bothered you in any way. I'n thankig you this way because for some reason I can't send priveta messages:(
  7. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Dear John and all at Intellicig!
    Thanks so much for the Christmas card flyer! I appreciate what you do to keep us all out of the icy blasts of winter and safe and warm indoors!
    Have a peaceful and well deserved rest this Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year 2010! with plenty of jokes and laughs ahead!


    May the Season of Peace and Goodwill prevail and open the doors of the sin bin!
  8. Shining Wit

    Shining Wit Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    How did you know I had been banned?!!!!

    I committed the heinous crime of trying to give some correct information to members but did not realise that I had posted in the Review Forum!!!!8-o8-o

    I wasn't promoting our products but merely trying to answer a genuine concern.

    I remember when, as a supplier, I was unable to post in the forums that I wasn't entitled to - a message stating 'banned' would be displayed, which was good for forgetful oldfarts like me as it prevented me from sinning in such a terrible manner.
    Do you detect a slight element of sarcasm in my tone? I hope so because I received two PMs, one of which was from the 'manager' of ECF and was an absolute disgrace. If any of my customer service team, or any other member of staff, had addressed a customer - yes I am a customer here as Intellicig pay subscriptions on a monthly basis - I would have invoked the company disciplinary procedure without hesitation. The PM was an insult in the way it patronised and threatened me for what was a relatively minor and UNINTENTIONAL transgression. Rather than have such people with such poor literary and personal attributes trying to run this fine forum like some kind of second rate boot camp, why not make it impossible for suppliers to post in the 'wrong' forums, just like it used to be?!!!!!
    I thought of PMing the owner of the forum but if he chooses such people to manage ECF is there really any point?
    I am so glad I work with people every day whose standards are so much higher.
  9. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    I believe I saw it in your avatar.
    Can't see it now.

  10. Sludge Van Diesel

    Sludge Van Diesel Super Member ECF Veteran

    Good to see you back John, this forum is a sadder place without you.
  11. Shining Wit

    Shining Wit Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Oh my God! Named AND shamed8-o
  12. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Somewhat like ice hockey I think...
  13. Marv

    Marv New Member

    glad to have you back :D
  14. Shining Wit

    Shining Wit Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I can't see my messages and get a 'banned for ever' window when I click on my name???
    Nobody loves me, everybody hates me,
    I might as well go and eat worms!!:(

  15. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Tough luck on the worms though....
    You are loved!!! Leave the poor critters alone!!!
    Hope you can read this somehow....can't bear the thought of the slurping...


    Where did your photo go?
  16. Shining Wit

    Shining Wit Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thank you for your support, I will wear it always!;)

    It's strange, when I click on my name I get this,

    vBulletin Message

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    The link to my messages is not there and the edit option gone except for your message in the Intellicig forum.

    I'll let you know when the fog clears:)
  17. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Yeah, I can't send you PM's either.

  18. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Must be a forum glitch...

  19. Thyestean

    Thyestean Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    well that's screwy.
  20. Caesarea

    Caesarea Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Looks like you can't edit either, Thyestean?
    Must be a gremlin in the works..



    Looking at other threads, very few people still have an edit button...Blimey I think I'm the only one left...
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