Can I fix my burnt Evod coil?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by BuckMaster, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. BuckMaster

    BuckMaster Full Member

    I vaped for a while without looking at my juice level and after a very dry and nasty hit I found that I didn't have any juice left. I cleaned the coil head thoroughly and tried it again but I keep getting a burnt flavor. Is there anything I can do to fix this while I wait for my next order?
  2. EL Pistoffo

    EL Pistoffo Super Member ECF Veteran

    As long as the wick isn't burned to bad you can try cleaning out in some Vodka then rinsing with water and dry burning the coil. There are videos on YouTube demonstrating this. If the wick is burned then you can replace it with your own cotton wick which is better IMO. There are videos on that as well.
  3. TwiztidVap0r

    TwiztidVap0r Full Member

    Take out the wick And dry burn it thoroughly, if you don't have silica(assuming that's what your using) grab a cotton ball and throw a small bit in there. (If you need instructions there's tons of YouTube videos out there)
    Hope that helps yah!

  4. elfy

    elfy Super Member ECF Veteran

    sterile cotton balls from CVS are 3 bucks for a very large supply, no idea how a cotton ball off the shelf at home would taste...some folks boil their cotton to get some of the odd tastes out before using it as wick material.

    the CVS ones I just use right out of the box, just DO make sure to prime it with juice after you re-wick..otherwise ..WOOSH! burnt cotton gymsock vapes.
  5. BuckMaster

    BuckMaster Full Member

    I tried that last night and I couldn't get the wick to budge but I somehow managed to do it now. Haha. It works okay but I'm afraid I'm going to burn it. Oh well. I'll have to deal with it until I get my ProTank. Thanks for the help!
  6. devauto

    devauto Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    The only caveat to all the good answers above is to be sure you don't break the coil pulling out the wicking, otherwise it will be worthless. Depending on how old the coil is, it may be a touch on the fragile side ... Be Gentle ... especially if it's your first! :D
  7. TwiztidVap0r

    TwiztidVap0r Full Member

    Long you remember prime the cotton b4 you fire it up you won't burn it. I'm on day 5 with same cotton wick and coil.@ 2.2ohm. And I'm still getting the same flavor as day 1. And you will notice if your switching from silica, no more dry hits! That's the#1 reason I prefer cotton.
  8. LDS714

    LDS714 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Don't do what I did to my first Evod, which was try and pull out the main wick from the coil, with the results being destroying the coil, LOL! It did, however lead me to learning to wrap coils and my current ****nal of rebuildables, LOL!

    You can 'dry burn' to get gunk off of the coils and wick as well as soaking in vodka, but please insure the vodka is evaporated first. There are plenty of videos posted about how to do it.

    I have a coffee e-liquid (Cafe de Leche from Nashville Vapor) that requires a dry burn every tank full in order to maintain vapor and flavor, the darker stuff gunks up coils and wicks fairly quickly.
  9. BuckMaster

    BuckMaster Full Member

    The coil remained intact but the vapor is definitely way dryer then with the silica. I tried two different wicks and I can't seem to get good performance but it will suffice :glare:
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