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Discussion in 'General Vaping Discussion' started by Dusif, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    So i've decided that i wanted to do some cloud chasing just for the fun of it... Im gonna get the equipment to stay safe of course but i need the almighty knowledge of the ecf members that actually do chase clouds

    Sony US18650VTC3 batteries are the best for this right?

    What are your tips for coil setups?
    I was thinking dual nano dragon coils in a igo-w or a helio on a cotton bed with 100% vg juice

    Got any other tips for some bigbutt clouds?

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  2. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    Damn should have written something about an exploding lawnmover causing PV's being banned in greenland as a title

    Buuuuuuuuumped! :D

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  3. Brantis

    Brantis Full Member Verified Member

    Hey Dusif,

    I would recommend you start out on those 3v batteries due to their safety. Once you do a little more research and realize just how far you can push your batteries "safely" then might I suggest using a higher voltage. Also, invest in some ribbon wire. There are plenty of vendors that sell it now, so I won't recommend any. Ribbon wire can give you much more vape and is so much easier to maintain than a multi-coil setup.

    Safety first...seriously...make sure you are VERY familiar with your batteries and what they can/can't do. Cloud chasing can cause a lot of heartache if you aren't careful.

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  4. Brantis

    Brantis Full Member Verified Member

    PS...micro coils, nano coils, blah blah blah...seriously the only coil you need is a well wrapped "normal" coil that gets proper airflow. This might require drilling the airflow opening...but...this is what it takes to get those big clouds.

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  5. IrishUpstart

    IrishUpstart Super Member Verified Member

    I agree with brantis. My 'clouds' with a now 'old school' 5/4 wrap around doubled over 2mm silican wick in a dripper produces clouds that human lungs were never intended for.

    For circusy/90s high school dance/gimmicky clouds, maybe just try 100% vg juice.
  6. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    I already drilled my drippers airhole to 1,5mm
    And im currently using panasonic cgr18650ch batteries that i was told was safe to about .7 ohms wich i believe is about a 10amp volt+volt / ohm of coil am i right?

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  7. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    And i always vape 100% vg

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  8. IrishUpstart

    IrishUpstart Super Member Verified Member

    I rock same pannys and I wouldn't go below 1.0 ohm. My preferred is 1.5-7. Could they handle .7? In theory, yes, but I wouldn't.
  9. D. Waterhouse

    D. Waterhouse Ultra Member

    Your battery looks good. Remember, check the ohms of your build be fore you put it on your battery device, just because you metered your coil doesn't necessarily mean it will be that ohm reading when installed in your RBA/RDA.

    OK, safety out of the way.

    I run a .8 micro coil on an Igo S w/ 26AWG Kanthal and cotton ball wick. I'm looking to get a set of Sonys to run Dual 1ohms in an Igo W but moneys squeaky tight right now so maybe for christmas?
  10. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    My friend has the same batteries and have had them running perfectly with a coil that was actually a .6 and my coils at .7 has never given me problems of any kind

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  11. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    I dont even bother doing a read untill the coil is in the rda... I dont want to think yay its .7 and end up with a kaboom... I know with what i use to wrap with every wrap is 0.1 ohm so i just give it 7-10 wraps and it reads 8-11

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  12. Dusif

    Dusif Super Member

    And i just remembered that my "local" store has some sony batteries that they actually dont know what is... But they look like US18650VTC3 as i remember them...
  13. Vwls

    Vwls Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Couple things I am looking at - maybe you will benefit. Also have questions to add.

    Batteries: Sony SE US18650VTC3 1600mAh 30A (18.75C)
    RDA: EXCLUSIVE PRICE: The ATOMIC RDA by MCV PHILIPPINES | VAPEHAPPYVAPEHAPPY Just watched the review on this and it looks sweet. No modding/drilling needed (clouds are all about air control).
    Juice: order some 6 or 3 mg nic... things are about to get crazy.
    Wicking material: Anything better (healthier) than silica for sub-ohming? Cotton won't work, right?
    Mod: What can I put in my mechanical with this battery to safeguard this process? Kick 2? Another device?
    Wire: Would flat or ribbon wire work better (cover more surface area) than round?
  14. Hawki

    Hawki Full Member Verified Member

    I'm pretty new to vaping I just want to keep getting a better vape recently built a dual coil on a trident cotton wick efest batteries at .6 ohm and wow I blow some clouds it's pretty delish as well but dripping is a bummer
  15. xSKOOBSx

    xSKOOBSx Full Member Verified Member

    I always thought half the reason you ohm out every build is to check for shorts. those are problematic.

    and you can kind of tell if something is amiss after you have been building a while. you know what resistance to expect for a coil, and if the build is reading differently, either higher or lower, you need to check for shorts, loose connections, etc.

    edit: oops, thread necro. stumble on a thread doing a search, reply, realize thread is old. my bad.
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