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curious about flavor percentage

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by davieslacker, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    I see the majority of flavor concentrates say "start at 1%".. or 2... (especially the fa flavors I'm starting to accumulate)

    Most of the posts I've seen about flavor say to count on having anywhere between 10 and 20%...Is that just them saying be careful with these flavors, or do most people not find that to be enough, or...

    I realize taste is mostly about preference and opinion. I'm just curious, don't want to get carried away wasting precious flavor if it doesn't take much.

    Also in larger quantities of flavor I find myself getting obsessive... keep touching up all day... drop off this.. needs more that, a few of this.. eh what the heck.. sum
    ma dat.... ahhh! I just want to relax with a good vape! ! Lol.

    HUGE cost difference in mixing your own.. I have a suicide mix of a bunch of misc attempts that weren't so great mixed them to get a ok 120ml... figure that would cost about 90 bucks average premixed online... cost me about 5 bucks in ingredients.

    Feel free to share your simplest, least flavor based recipes too.. especially fa, but I plan on getting a bunch more of other stuff too.
  2. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    I know somebody is gonna say straight vg.. or pg.. or base nic... I honestly do like flavors though(any kind, mostly tobacco with interesting extra notes of other flavor.. ), and I'm not looking to be skimpy on them. Just figure if something is good with less then why waste.

    Premixed I really loved blu classic tobacco cartomizers, and liquid Johnson creek smoke juice red oak Tennessee cured(will probably still buy this one if I can't make a good substitute)
  3. john333

    john333 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 20, 2011
    I recently started diy. best to read thru the DIY forums for info and recipes. I've been using a ultrasonic cleaner to steep my recipes. Its hard to sit around a week or two waiting to see how it came out. my untrasonic has a max 8 minute timer. I put mine thru 8 cycles before I try it. seems to work well and the ultrasonic only cost me $25. good luck
  4. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    I was just thinking about making a centrifuge or similar, I've been doing hot baths and frequent shaking... too much work and not sure how effective... I will have to look into what you got. Sounds great. Cause dropping shading and tasting like a maniac is getting tiresome.

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  5. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Are we talking about something like Sonic Wave CD-2800 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner that popped up on Amazon.. ? Hot water in it?

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  6. Factor52

    Factor52 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 3, 2013
    I found these blogs to be very helpful with regards to flavor percentages and how to avoid mistakes. If you have already seen them sorry...

    E-Cigarette Forum - Hoosier - Blogs

    If you dont have an ultrasonic, steeping is a must. Unless its a menthol I wait at least a week. I have mostly TFA flavors.. but Im sure there must be a FA flavor art thread somewhere with recipes in the DIY subforum..

    It doesnt take long after grasping diy to know what will work to make a basic recipe taste good. As long as you understand what Hoosier is trying to say in his blogs..
  7. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Ooh.. yeah tons of good info in the last one already. Thanks. This forum is huge, so a point in the right direction is greatly appreciated. Just added some vinegar to a 5ml mix with 3 d maxx blend 1 d mts vape wizard.. wasn't great.. the vinegar.. a while 5 drops.. more than the blog led me to, but I wanted to really see impact made a wonderful improvement. For some reason I would expect vinegar to make something more harsh, but it smoothed it out, dropped a bit of the sweetness but brought up the tobacco flavor a bit.
  8. Hoosier

    Hoosier Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    Jan 26, 2010
    Amazing what a few unicorn tears can do, eh?
  9. fourthrok

    fourthrok Vaping Master Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Aug 12, 2012
    Watertown, NY
    I don't use nearly as much % of flavor as some. Okay..maybe most. I don't know. I know that I've seen sites that help with DIY suggesting starting with "15% to 25% to start". Yipes!!! When I finally hit on a menthol recipe I liked about 7 months ago I found that 7% was about right. Now...not so much. Seems a bit strong, so I've revised my recipe to 5% this past month. Plenty of flavor. Guess my tastebuds changed?
  10. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    It's magic.. I think it'll be more used in conjunction with caramel MTS, seems to have a similar effect as far as body and mellow making. The MTS has a bit more going on flavor-wise which might be undesirable depending on the mix.

    Hoosier, I think you may have just helped me save from lining my drain pipe with my 200ml of suicide mix of failed attempts (or learning experiences). Thank
    You guys so much.

    Currently running it all through another speed steeping idea I had...
  11. flintlock62

    flintlock62 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2012
    Arkansas Delta
    IMO, 1~2% is mostly for tobacco flavorings. I find starting at 5% for FA to be a good guide. From here, you can decrease, or increase to your own taste. Some flavorings, I use 10%. Everybody's taste differs. I have sinus problems, so my tastes buds are always diminished. A part of the factor depends on the delivery device one uses. Cartomizer, clearomizer, RBA, dripping, etc.

  12. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Makes perfect sense. I find since using the tanks flavor seems less and throat hit more.. of course that's probably specific to Atomizers and wicks as well. When I made ss wicks, I found the flavor and throat hit to be nicer, but I was constantly pulling my stuff apart to shift the wick, and to clean some leaking issues, worked better with thick juice, but then I was cleaning the wick more frequently as it would slow in performance from the syrup.. so much to learn. Loving it though. Kinda fun
  13. flintlock62

    flintlock62 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2012
    Arkansas Delta
    I typically use the cartomizer tank system with single coil 3Ω carto's. Some people say RBA's are the way to go. I haven't tried them as of yet. I'm still trying to figure out which one to try. I don't care for dripping, even though I have a dripping atty. I have way too much going on to bother with it. I do drip when I try new DIY juices, but use the cartomizer tank when I know a juice I like.

  14. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    I use the eRoll. It uses a tank and ego-c type a Atomizers. It's so small, lighter than blu classic. Just like a cig, but it packs the punch of a ego-c. I'm not quite ready to get away from the cigarette form factor, so this was the best thing I could possibly find. Only downer is only .4 ml of liquid in a tank, I refill frequently. I can live with that though. I like thick juice and people seem to say these things like it thicker too... I did learn fat and hard to clean Atomizers a lot (I blow out a couple times a day add I feel the need...or as airflow slows) I use a little lip balm sized tub to keep half vinegar half water in, it holds my last two Atomizers cleaning, and every day or two I swap it with the ones I'm currently using. Good system. Cause at 5ish bucks a piece after shipping it would be easy to drive up to above cigarette smoking costs. Also rewicking them as needed, done stainless mesh and the fiberglass..
  15. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Swype keyboard... it's crazy fast, but if you don't make up the time checking for wrong words it's a bit messy... lol
  16. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Kinda hijacked my own thread with off-topic... it's my first, so I apologize and beg for your understanding.. lol :)

    Pretty sure I'll do blogs, cause I always have a lot to say, and I'll try about anything DIY if interested in something. Mistakes are experience too, and experience can benefit more than yourself.
  17. flintlock62

    flintlock62 Ultra Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Oct 2, 2012
    Arkansas Delta
    Experience comes from mistakes.

  18. RickAppling

    RickAppling Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2013
    Lincoln' NE
    I also had this question. I got a bunch of Flavorwest flavors. I assume that 10-15 is about right for these. But I also ordered some others like Fruitexpress. Do I use less of these? I have searched and downloaded spreadsheets and programs but am still left wondering.
  19. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    Do you think bitter wizard accomplishes the same as vinegar? Cause it seems like vinegar really tones down the sweetness.. although I imagine if you really tried to go all in and get rid of too much sweet that way you'd end up with a vinegar vape...

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  20. davieslacker

    davieslacker Full Member

    It's hard to describe the feeling the vinegar gives.. it's certainly something you want there, but to a limit... it's like hang time.. or air to the vape.. kinda more cloudy.

    I'm about to place an order, if I can get enough stuff back out of my cart to afford food next week, that will include bitter wizard, and the ethyl maltol(really looking forward to trying this) capsicum HEAT.

    I found the tobacco flavor I liked the least is now one of my favorite.. fa burly.. I was mixing it too strong and not steeping properly before.. it's quite perfumy and almost floral that way and it turned me off. Steeped in the right proportion it may be the only plain tobacco I have atm. So it seems like a good starting point for a mix.

    Any other tobacco recommendations that are must haves like this? I may order shade. Also want to try desert ship and perique black.

    I have 7 leaf, burly, maxx blend, dark vapure, and mellow sunset to work with right now, along with an assortment of random non tobacco flavors to mix with them..
    caramel, oak wood, lemon Sicily, honey, cinnamon, maple syrup, hazelnut, white chocolate.. probably more, but those are the ones I have fiddled with most.

    I'm shooting for something like blu classic... tobacco, with some nice undertones.

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