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Doc Holiday EJuice from Red Dragon Vapors

Discussion in 'General E-Liquid Reviews' started by mistere372002, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. mistere372002

    mistere372002 Full Member

    Jan 6, 2012
    United States
    I had mentioned Doc Holiday Ejuice before and in my last post. But realized that I had not left a proper review.

    Aroma: +10
    Straight from the bottle, this has a very interesting aroma. In the description it states that it has a licorice finish and a blend of American and Turkish tobacco tastes. I for one found it intriguing.

    Taste: +9
    On first hit, the flavors exploded in my mouth. I could taste the Turkish and American tobaccos. I let a small waft of smoke escape as I inhaled which added to the over all experience. I found hints of dark chocolate, black licorice and the very familiar Turkish tobacco. As it danced inside my nose, I was brought back to the old days of the wild west and imagined sitting next to Doc Holiday himself. And by gosh, this is exactly what I would expect him to smell like.

    Throat Hit: +10
    Very nice throat hit! This is one for those that want a strong hit.

    Vapor: +9
    As I mentioned earlier, vapor is important to me, this ejuice was not lacking on vapor. I would give it a +10 but I have never found a ejuice that makes me bellow like a dragon! lol.

    Conclusion: +9
    This ejuice is not lacking in flavor, in fact as it steeped, I found the flavor to become more complex. Red Dragon Vapors does pre-steep their ejuice's. But straight out of the bottle, this ejuice is good to go. I tried this ejuice with different voltages and found the it will hold up to 6 volts (the max my TW Torpedo would go) with very little if any detectable change in the flavor. I have a 30 ml bottle steeping now and in a couple of days it will be ready for my tastes. I recommend that you steep this one 4 days minimum to get the full complexity of this intriguing and complex ejuice.

    For those that want to try it out the link is below.
    Doc Holiday EJuice
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