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ECF's stance on respectful debate and poor behavior

Discussion in 'Announcements and News' started by oldsoldier, Apr 2, 2012.

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  1. oldsoldier

    oldsoldier Retired ECF Forum Manager Verified Member ECF Veteran

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    Dec 17, 2010
    Lurking in the shadows
    It has come to my attention that once again the vaping community has driven off one of it's valued members through thoughtless, immature behavior by the vocal minority. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, I'm commenting on the sad state of affairs that have caused SteelJan to leave the community.

    It is often said that you need a thick skin to survive as a well known personality on the internet. While this is true, it always shocks me to see the depths of the immature, thoughtless and just plain asinine behavior displayed by some members of our community. There really isn't any excuse to attack people on the internet, especially when they are stating opinions and providing information to the community. While some people did not agree with SteelJan, the fact remains she was a very helpful and informative person and her loss will be felt keenly by the community. Her insights as a retired engineer made her views especially important considering the recent incidents with exploding batteries with physical harm to the user.

    In her proxied goodbye statement it was said that when it stops being fun it is time to quit, and I agree with her and support her decision though it saddens me to see yet another of our influential members chased off by a bunch of ignorant rabble rousers. The sad part is that we have become a community that resorts to acting like vile little ......s, or petulant children when we see someone or something that we do not like. What ever happened to honest discussion and debate? It is indeed possible to disagree with someone without going "there".

    On days like this I am actually ashamed to be a part of the community. Those of you that behave in this manner should take a long look at yourself in the mirror and perhaps take a break from the internet.

    As such the moderators will be cracking down hard on any such behavior on ECF. Harder than before. If you can't be part of the ECF community in a constructive manner you are quite welcome to go elsewhere.
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