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Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand Forum' started by COM76, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. COM76

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    Thought i would see if a thread based on the most economic (cheapest) places to order from would take off.

    If everyone could list their cheapest and most favourite places to order from for either e cigs or e liquids (includes buying hi mg nic for cutting) or even just e gear.

    As with most things in life you get what you pay for so please list the downer points from ordering from such sites eg, long postage times to bad service.

    Sometimes people are in the right place at the right time to, so if you spot a sale going on for any item please list this also.

    Cheap Sites To Order From :-

    + - 50mls e liq for $7.69 US (small Selection).
    + - 60mls 100mg nic flavourles e liq $36.00 US
    + - 5x20mls for $30.00 US plus 2x30mls 36mg nic flavourless for $6.00 US
    + - Australian e cig and e liq order site. Great prices, Local.
    + - LorAnn Flavourings 18pk Carton $18.95 US. Ebay order no. 110489581104
    + - local lorann flavours, very quick processing and postage.
    + - Great Selection but not as cheap as the other sites eg Eastmall and ecigz.
    + - Great Selection of juices and gear (same prices as HG) AUD price setting.
  2. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    First on the list would have to be a site for e liguid. Light in the box. They are based in china and have a permanent 40% off their e juice and some e cigs. You can get 50mls for $7.69 US. I have not seen any cheaper than this. Their is about 12 or so different flav to choose from. I ordered the 3 tob flavs and i cant whinge about any of them. Postage did take 2.5 weeks but for the price it is worth it.
  3. dinium

    dinium Senior Member Verified Member

    Seen Light in the box, but haven't ordered from them following reports that their flavours were lacking compared the Dekang and others.

    How would you rate the flavour?
  4. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    I am really enjoying the Hilton flavoured Tob. It is not as smooth as say Totally wicked tob but the flavour is brilliant and better. I enjoy a throat hit and all three of the tob flavors i ordered have this.
  5. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    I also have an order waiting to arrive from xtremevaping. They sell really concentrated no flavour nic. Up to 100mg. This works out to be probably the cheapest way of vaping (mix your own). However you do need to puchase flavourings. I purchased 60mls for $36 US dollars. I will cut this to make 600mls as i am a light vapor. Our dollar is at a hi so its a cheap time to order from the US.
  6. k.rad

    k.rad Senior Member

    Good thread idea. I still haven't been vaping for that long, but I've started to build up a (very) modest juice collection now, so I'll have to give Light in the Box a try now that I can afford to wait out a longer shipping time.

    The eastmall juice deal where you can buy two 30ml 36mg bottles of flavourless juice for $3USD each when you buy 5 20ml flavoured bottles for $30 seems pretty good. I've got an order of this due soon so will be trying my hand at mixing my own shortly.
  7. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    Sounds really good K.rad. What do they charge you for postage and generally how long does it take to get here? What are the flavours like? It sounds like Easmall will be my next order.
  8. darkmonk

    darkmonk Senior Member

    New shop that has just started up.. Here in Aus

    Seems cheap enough for hardware. But as he is here in australia, only nic free liquid.
  9. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    Just had a look. I was really surprised as i thought it was illegal to sell e cig products in Australia. Looks like a good place to get Atomizers for 510 and batteries to. Starter Kits are really cheap as well. No big Shipping cost will be the big saver at this place. Thanks for the heads up darkmonk.

    Just emailed to find out postage prices and days for dellivery (Will post when replied). This site looks very promising. Will get my next bat and ato from this place for sure.

    Just got a reply:-

    Postage cost are $9.90 flat rate.
    Postage is about 2 days anywhere in Australia
    Stock should arrive within 5-7 Working Days

    Kind Regards
  10. Kimmyw

    Kimmyw Senior Member

  11. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

  12. falconsforge

    falconsforge Full Member

    ecigz is a Whirlpoolian called Doolang and getting a good rap from forum members there. He is still building stock levels but worth some support if we want local suppliers. I imagine he will poke his nose in here soon. Electronic Cigarettes Part 2 - Gadgets - Whirlpool Forums is the Whirlpool ecig thread for those that havent seen it.
  13. darkmonk

    darkmonk Senior Member

    As I said in the whirlpool thread, if he starts stocking 901 gear, he will get business from me. But on another note, a good mate of mine looked at importing e-cig gear to sell and found out that the TGA of Aus classes e-cigs as a medical device. So in theory they could confiscate imports for commercial purposes just as their brother has in the USA.
  14. dinium

    dinium Senior Member Verified Member

    $9.90 flat anywhere in Australia from memory. He's having a few teething problems with stock - I think his first 'toe-in-the-water' order sold out in a day!

    I know a couple of people are watching to see how he goes. I wouldn't be too surprised if we see a few Australian stores open up soon... whether they last or not is another question :)
  15. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    I got a reply from e cigarette australia. See previous post. You are right about the cost dinium $9.90 AU and 2 days postage anywhere in Australia. He said he would restock in 5 working days.
  16. COM76

    COM76 Super Member Verified Member

    LorAnn Flavourings - Ebay are selling 18 pack cartons for $18.95 US. This is the cheapest i have been able to find. It originally says he will not internationally ship but i emailed him and he said he would for $13.45 US Priority Mail (USPS). This works out a lot cheaper. You can also choose your 18. I just ordered it will go with the 100mg nic im getting.

    Ebay item No. 110489581104

    Flavourings you can use without buggering your atomizer (Thanks Gizmo).

    Butter rum
    Cheese cake
    Chocolate hazelnut
    Cotton candy
    English toffee
    Mint choc chip
    Orange oil
    Pina colada
    Strawberry kiwi
    Tropical punch
    Vanilla butternut
    Water melon
  17. dinium

    dinium Senior Member Verified Member

    Thanks! :thumbs:
  18. MrDismal

    MrDismal Moderator

    Supporting member
    Well this is good news! I hope he survives as we'll save A LOT of money and time! And if he survives we'll sure to see more aussie suppliers.
  19. dinium

    dinium Senior Member Verified Member

    ^^ this is the problem :( All it potentially takes is one phone call from someone who doesn't like something about an order and you're watching yourself on that customs show next season.
  20. dinium

    dinium Senior Member Verified Member

    Should Health Cabin and HG be on the list? And should we be adding coupon codes where applicable?

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