eGo CE4 clearomizers wicked vs. wickless clearomizer

Discussion in 'eGo Type Models' started by Craybee, Sep 4, 2013.

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  1. Craybee

    Craybee Super Member

    heya peeps, a couple of weeks ago i graduated from the apollo standard kit to an eGo CE4 with wicked clearomizer. while i love the greater vape and more full bodied taste i found that i had to clean my clearomizer every other day due to gunkiness of the liquid, dulled flavor and/or burnt taste. so, after reading how much better wickless is over the other i purchased two wickless ce4 clearomizers. they arrived yesterday and my first impression is that it really corrupts the flavor. my favorite eliquid is Blueberry Kona Coffee and it tastes unrecognizable when i vape it on my wickless ce4, actually the flavor is downright nasty on it.

    anywho, my question is are clearomizers, especially wickless, not really suited for the darker ejuices? i ask that because i tried some green apple flavor in my wickless, which is considerably lighter in color, and less viscous, than the blueberry, and it tastes just as it should.

  2. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member

    In general, dark ejuices (usually a sign of particulates suspended in the ejuice) are not good for clearos or cartos. Old cartridges and dripping handle the dark ejuices best. I've constantly tried to update my coffee flavor to a lighter ejuice but some just don't get there. BWB Espresso - medium color is about the best I've tried - no blueberry though ;) And I don't think it is a thing of wick vs. wickless.... because the particles end up around the coil and that area where they tend to squeeze off airflow as well.

    That said, those dark ejuices can work fairly well for a week tops in some clearos but cleaning or changing coil units or rebuilding coils and wicks is necessary - it'll cost you but some flavors are worth it, imo.
  3. Craybee

    Craybee Super Member

    thanks Kent, i suspected that might be the case. it sucks though cuz my two favorite ejuices are the Blueberry Kona Coffee, and regular Coffee. and they are both dark, though the Coffee holds up just a little better than the Blueberry with the clearomizers. I haven't yet had a light ejuice that I'd like to vape all day. I guess I'll just have to deal with the hassle of the darker juices, as you said, some flavors are worth it.

    oh, you should try the blueberry kona coffee, it's like vaping dessert. great for after meals. :vapor:
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