Emergency puromizer revival

Discussion in 'JantyWorld' started by vedmaka, May 5, 2012.

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    One day my first puro from NEO Classic kit become very tight to vape and produce less vapor.
    I took it apart and accidentally broke wires and coil soldering :(

    * To get puros inner from metal case i used battery from 510-T, screwed it into puro and pulling while make side to side movements.

    How i brought it back to life:

    Sadly i cant do photos, so i tried to make image


    1. Remove all wires, coil and wicks out of ceramic bowl (unsolder if needed) .
    2. Make new wick with coil.
    3. Take 2 low-resistance wires: one short and one long.
    4. Make twist coil "legs" and wires.
    5. Put this construction into ceramic bowl from upper side ( wires into holes in ceramic bowl ).
    6. Fix short (+) wire on central metal tube by silicone thing under ceramic bowl [A].
    7. Fix long wire (ground) on bottom golden circle [C] of puro by bottom silicone ring .
    8. Check if there is no short circuit!
    9. Screw battery and check coil is heating.

    Place this back into plastic tube, put metal case back.

    Done :)
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