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  1. HyperRealist

    HyperRealist Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Any vapers in Erie? Are there any stores that sell supplies?
  2. blueish

    blueish Full Member

    I'm also in Erie. I don't believe there's anywhere here you can get supplies. My husband travels a lot so he checks out brick and mortars whenever he can. I just order everything online. He stopped analogs on 2/9/13, I stopped on 2/11/13.

    Have you had any issues with vaping in any local establishments? We've vaped at the airport and the colony grill. Not blatantly, but still vaping. :)
  3. skye78

    skye78 Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I live about a half hour from Erie! I love seeing more PA vapors! :)
  4. HyperRealist

    HyperRealist Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I heard there is a kiosk at the Millcreek Mall but I haven't confirmed it.
  5. blueish

    blueish Full Member

    I have to go to the mall this week. I'll check that out and post back.
  6. blueish

    blueish Full Member

    There Is a stall at the All Seasons Market behind the mall. It's Voltage Vapor. I stopped in last week, but he goes out for lunch so I couldnt talk to anyone. He supposedly makes his own e-liquid and had about 150 flavors there. I think they're about $15 per bottle. I'm going to go back and see if you can sample before purchasing.
  7. HyperRealist

    HyperRealist Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Cool. Ya,let me know. $15 for 30ml? That ain't bad. What else does he have?

    EDIT: I found a review. It sounds like there is another one inside the mall too.

    Voltage Vapor in Erie, PA | 2080 Interchange Rd., Erie, PA
  8. blueish

    blueish Full Member

    You can't sample on a regular basis. He says that he puts samples out on Thursday, but they're usually gone in an hour. All his liquids are 24mg. And I was wrong, the $15 is for 20ml. Since i asked alot of questions and bought a couple batteries, he gave me a bottle to try. Was english toffee and my husband says its really good. Good price on batteries,all his ego style are $15, all sizes.
  9. Shred909

    Shred909 Full Member

    WOW, never knew there were any other vapers in Erie to be honest. lol. Good to see its gaining in popularity here. i've been smoke free since about March 2011. I wouldn't mind getting in touch with vapers in my region. Maybe help out some folks who are close by who are in need of juice or something. I mix my own. Hate to see someone going without simply because there are no decent B&M's in the area.
  10. tuscani53

    tuscani53 Unregistered Supplier ECF Veteran

    I recently talked to a smoke shop In Meadville PA who has begun to carry Vaping supplies.. I think thats fairly close to you guys in erie.
  11. HyperRealist

    HyperRealist Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

  12. -mj01-

    -mj01- Senior Member ECF Veteran

    There are three shops in Erie. So far, I've been to two of them.

    The first I've been to is Vapor Cabana at the All Season's Marketplace in the Millcreek Mall Complex. For All Seasons being such a dump, this place actually looks nice. The "store" itself is enclosed with walls resembling a hut and it is a bit dark in said hut, but it kinda adds to the attempted atmosphere, to be fair.

    I bought what I was told was an eGo twist-c starter kit, which came with a twist battery, plastic clearomizer, a plastic drip tip, and a usb charger. I additionally purchased an eGo-t battery as my backup. Upon coming home and reading a bit more on the forum here, I quickly figured out that the kit I bought is not a true eGo. Additionally, I find that I have to "babysit" my battery when it is charging, as the charger doesn't "know" when to quit.

    She also gave me a bottle of juice, proclaiming she "makes all of her juices herself". Picturing either an operation in her kitchen or in the dirty airsoft area at All Seasons (which they also own), I tossed the juice in the garbage on my way out.

    The owner did seem knowledgeable, but I'm a total newb. Reading here over the course of just a week, it is already clear that she was (at best) proficient at the "front talk". I probably would have still bought even if she'd have been forthcoming with the fact that I was buying a knockoff but the misrep of the product will keep me from returning to that particular establishment.

    The day after visiting Vapor Cabana, I happened upon the Hippie & the Hound Vapor Lounge on 24th & Peach. I spent about an hour talking with Scottie (the owner). I'm definitely a fan of his store's concept. He serves coffee & lets patrons sample different flavors and try out different equipment. My understanding is that his establishment is dog friendly as well, so the wife and I will surely be in for some coffee with the dog in tow.

    At Hippie and the Hound, I sampled about ten different flavors and walked out of there with a few 15ml, 24mg Jazz branded "USA Tobacco" juices. According to Scottie, Jazz is a local company. The flavor of the juice hit the spot I was looking for out of that particular juice.

    While the juice was what I was looking for at the time, I'll probably order my juice online (ie - MBV) - but in terms of actual equipment, I'll surely give this guy the bulk of my business going forward. He seemed knowledgeable beyond the typical "front talk" and spent an hour or so chatting with me. Definitely an enjoyable trip and I'd highly recommend stopping in to check his place out.

    To my pleasant surprise, my wife dropped by Presque Isle Vapor Co. (3211 W 12th St) to check that place out. It is closer to home and it was a very kind gesture, considering she is not quite "onboard" with my new habit/hobby. She came home with a glass container full of "Marlboro" flavored juice (24mg). While NOTHING tastes like a Marlboro, I do like the flavor better than that of Jazz's USA tobacco. I also probably like the glass container better than Jazz's plastic counterpart. I'm not a fan of the dropper though, as it is a bit oversized to refill properly. I've refilled twice and both times, I both overfilled and flooded the tube. That aside, I do plan on dropping in to check this place out, as it is a mere few minutes from my house.
  13. -mj01-

    -mj01- Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Update :

    1. I've still not made it to Presque Isle Vapor.

    2. I did make a return to Hippie and the Hound, where I bought two Kanger T3s' and a five pack of replacement coils. The T3s are the genuine article and both are doing the trick. They are priced a good deal higher than they should be priced but I knew that before purchase. The replacement coils are not Kangertech coils but they were priced "about" right. In both instances, I knew what I was buying, knew there was a markup and was OK with it. My goal was to get away from the cheap, top filling contraption that came with my eGo clone purchased at Vapor Cabana.

    3. Speaking of that eGo twist clone, after just over 1 short month, my battery is beginning to go. I'm glad I ordered an MVP 2.0 online for the right price. I just hope my battery holds out until it arrives via "vape mail".
  14. RockinRobin1973

    RockinRobin1973 Full Member

    I am 45 minutes SE of Erie, there is the Voltage Vapor (that I haven't visited yet) and a kiosk in the mall. There is also a store on Peach called The Hippie and The Hound. GREAT customer service there. I learned so much from them!
  15. -mj01-

    -mj01- Senior Member ECF Veteran

    So far, Hippie and the Hound is the best in Erie. I say "so far" because I've not visited the Mall Kiosk and probably never will, to be honest.

    I did manage to visit Presque Isle Vapors last week. Short story is that I'm not the least bit impressed.

    They make their own juices, which are feast or famine - 24mg or 0mg with nothing in between. However, "you can buy one of each and mix them together to achieve your desired nicotine level".

    They sell 30ml of their juice in glass bottles with a dropper at $10 and have a number of flavors from which to choose. The labels contain a "nicotine warning", as well as an ingredient list. However, they do not disclose the PG/VG ratio. When asked, the guy behind the counter (not the owner.manager) had no idea what the ratio was. The label does contain a "made on" date.

    In terms of equipment, they carry both branded and knockoff products - to which the kid behind the counter was seemingly unable to distinguish between which was which. He did offer some words of wisdom by informing me that "sometimes the same product comes from China and can be used with normal branded products". Whether name brand, knockoff, or clone - everything there was priced at name brand rates + markup.

    To be fair, I'm giving the kid the benefit of the doubt, as I'm guessing he is "new". However - also in the interest of fairness, I'll probably not give the shop a second chance, as I found the juice labels inadequate.

    Also to be fair, my wife had a different experience when she went there. She spoke with the owner of the place and found him to be knowledgeable & helpful. Though again to be fair, she is far less likely to ask the same questions or make the same observations than I am.

    After visiting Presque Isle Vapors, I can safely say that the only local b&m I'd consider giving return business to in this area (at present) is Hippie and the Hound.

    edit : I am not familiar with Voltage Vapor, which appears to be on Interchange Road. I was not aware that they existed. I'll stop in this week if I'm able to and see what I think.
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