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  1. ejuiceconnoisseur

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    Just curious... I served the Misguided Children from '97 to '01. Back then, we smoked in our barracks rooms, even though it was not technically "allowed," and nobody (not even the non-smokers) made a stink about it. Hell, half of us would smoke while running our 3-mile PFT (only a slight exageration). E-cigs weren't available back then, but I'm sure the Marine Corps of the late 90s would have fully supported the technology. What's their position on vaping now? Do they allow it indoors? Is it allowed in your personal barracks quarters? On boat? etc...? Just curious how the Marines of today are being treated by their magnificent, if sometimes beaurocratic, superiors.
  2. dgibbons

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    Semper Fi Devil Dog had a crusty gungy old master guns used to run us on company pt while smoking a stogie crazy pipe swinging badass that he was .3/6 my command sayed no smoking in our barracks but we did ne ways even put smokers together in the same rooms . btw served USMC 94 to oo
  3. skunk8pe

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    Semper Fi leather necks!! I was in from '90 to' 94. Same as above paired smokers together. I was in the Air Wing though... We had it good compared to the grunts.

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  4. BadDaddy4007

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    My fellow Brothers of Arms, I was in from '71 to '75. I remember my PT instructor lead us in PT with a stogie crammed in and he never took it out while running and dang, that man could run! I also remember my DI telling us that smoking was a great way of keeping the skeeter bugs off of you or at least making them go to the next guy. Go figure.
    And Semper Fi!
  5. WarHawk-AVG

    WarHawk-AVG Vaping Master ECF Veteran

    92-98 here, 2841
    Would spark up a Red within 20 feet of the finish line on the PFT
    Bootcamp final PFT 19min20~ seconds...went downhill from there

    Would definitely like to find out more on what the new corps is all about
  6. KnurledNut

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    Semper Fi, my brothers.

    We smoked, we drank, we chased tail.

  7. BadDaddy4007

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    And then we got smarter and found out that chasing tail was a lot more fun. Not to mention that we never woke up with a hang over chasing tail!
  8. Jzaelke

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  9. retired1

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    Supporting member
    That.. is disturbing.
  10. WarHawk-AVG

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    Oh for cripes sakes!!! That picture is just freeking all sorts of messed up!

    Spent 11 months in the stumps for MOS school, then another 6 months in 97 at sucked!
  11. Jzaelke

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    It certainly hasn't improved since then!
  12. ut1205

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    In the Air Force in 1972 smokes at the Commissary were $1.00 per carton and if you bought a carton you got two packs free. Our flight lunches included a pack of 5 smokes
  13. Rader2146

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    Aww..come on now, the stumps isn't that bad. I'm one of the crazy ones that cant wait to get back.

    One things is for certain, if 29 Palms has those signs, so do the other bases. It's not surprising that MCCS and Semper-Fit have taken a stand against e-cigs. They have always been any form. From a performance/readiness standpoint (which Semper Fit weighs strongly upon), I get it. Nicotine, as a vasoconstrictor, does have negative effects on performance for those like me that were not blessed with the ability to take one last drag after the 3-mile run starts. From a health and wellness standpoint....that sign and their anti-nicotine stance is heinous and egregious. The Medical Officers will hand out prescriptions for Chantix like is is Motrin. If you dont have an history with Chantix....all I can say is WOW! It does work to help quit smoking, but the side effects....WOW again. As a 2 time Chantix user, I'm almost surprised that they haven't banned it because depression and suicidal thoughts are some of the most prominent side effects. Those of you that are still in, or recently got out, know how hard they are hitting suicide prevention. So instead of advocating harm reduction and weening off of nic, they take a knee jerk stance that turns Marines back to drugs that have a list of side effects longer than an enlistment contract. My second time on Chantix (after a year smoke free) was so bad that I gave up after 3 weeks of feeling like a conscious zombie (minus the hunger for flesh).

    All-in-all, between the Lejeune BO that lumps e-cigs in with traditional cigarettes in the Tobacco Prevention Program and now this sign from MCCS/Semper Fit, I'm pretty disgusted about where this is headed. Unfortunately, the Marine Corps does not need a ruling from the FDA to make things painful for those of us that have found an EFFECTIVE harm reduction / tobacco cessation method.
  14. Jzaelke

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    I'm on camp lejeune and never seen those signs. They started selling blu and njoy at the px also.
  15. skunk8pe

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    That is messed up. Then again, the Corps said the water at Lejeune was clean for ever until the .... hit the fan...

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  16. WarHawk-AVG

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    Semper Fi

  17. amanda211

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    I don't know about the Marines, but the Army seems to be for it. Some units set up "vape" rooms, and the Doctors at the MTF's are recommending them as a smoking alternative. That sign is beyond crazy!
  18. GreatestUnKnown

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    Surprisingly I didn't really find out about e-cigs or vaping (nicotine) till after I had EASd. If I had known about it while in I would have been pushing it on all of my Marines who smoked or dipped and wouldn't have given a flying [moderated] if they did it in their barracks (depending on their roommates. 08-13 Air Winger OEF 12.1, miss it and don't at the same time. Semper
  19. Getsome122

    Getsome122 Full Member

    I was active from 92-01 and did the same thing almost every pft. Would light up after I crossed the finish line and run back to 'motivate' those who were significantly slower than me.
    How I wish the tech to vape had existed back then.

    Semper Fi my brothers..

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  20. LouiseBelcher

    LouiseBelcher Full Member

    Hi! I haven't been on a Marine Corps base in 2 years (Recruiting Duty FML) so I haven't seen those signs. That is ridiculous! I get what MCCS is trying to do, they don't want us addicted to nicotine. Got it. I used the patches the first time I was SERIOUS about quitting. They DID work, but the dreams I was having (even though I took the patch off BEFORE going to bed) were intense. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to my roommate and sometimes the neighbor trying to hold me down or wake me up. Now, I've found a better alternative, and they are trying to make it look just as bad? Come on, no bad smell, no yellow teeth, no stank breath. I'm in and out of High Schools every day. I'm talking to students, teachers, and parents, I don't need to be smelling like an ash tray. I can work my way down to lower levels of nicotine without having to resort to pills/patches/counseling, then eventually be off the nic for good.

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