how do you carry your ecig

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by ljstrawbs, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. ljstrawbs

    ljstrawbs Full Member

    So after vaping for almost a month, my dh has now broken 3 batteries by carrying them in his pocket. Grrr

    So how do you carry as single ecig without breaking it?!
  2. patsfan1130

    patsfan1130 Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    My daily out & about is my REO Grand. It goes in my back pocket
  3. John_

    John_ Rockin' Micro's on Cotton Verified Member

    I've been carrying my mod in my pocket for months, the only problem I've had is it getting dirty, kind of hard to break a solid tube. :(

    What kind of device do you have?
  4. ljstrawbs

    ljstrawbs Full Member

    It's a Riva 1100 kit, from vape escape.
    With a v3 clearomiser

    Is there anything better suited to pocket carrying?
  5. KrisAinTX

    KrisAinTX Senior Member

    When I used small devices like that I got in the habit of wearing pocketed shirts. Just drop it in the breast pocket and go. No real solution for pants pockets unless you put it in a hard case.
  6. Jayvaps

    Jayvaps Super Member Verified Member

    Try a clamshell eye glass case, or a cigar case.

    I use a clamshell camera case for some tanks and clearos and a small backup battery and pocket a larger batt withOUT a top on
  7. ljstrawbs

    ljstrawbs Full Member

    Hi KrisAinTX,
    Hmm, as he doesn't have top pocket he just slings it in jeans pocket.

    Would it help to take clearomiser off battery?
  8. meanckz

    meanckz Ultra Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    is there specific parts that keep the clearo breaking?
  9. OhmTheWatt

    OhmTheWatt Full Member

    Either front pants pocket or rear next to the wallet.

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  10. patsfan1130

    patsfan1130 Super Member Verified Member

    Supporting member
    Maybe try a lanyard & hang it around your neck?
  11. Muggs

    Muggs Ultra Member Verified Member

    If I have more than an eGo with a tank in my pocket I bring a case.
  12. geeve

    geeve Senior Member Verified Member

    I put my Vamo in a Mini Mag-light belt holster, so it's on my hip. If I am out and about all day I will bring a little ego case with an extra battery and some tanks of juice that sit in the little pocket of the car door....

  13. Supergrover

    Supergrover Super Member Verified Member

    Halo triton starter kit carrying case, fits in jacket pocket, or in leg pocket of my cargo pants
    Put it in my pocket a few times and mouth peice got dirty, with pocket lint balls and whatever else finds its way into my pockets.
    So I allways keep it in the case when I am on the move

    You could look into an eyeglass case or something
  14. djsvapour

    djsvapour Vaping Master

    When I had a Riva, I stuck it in a 59p toothbrush holder from homebargains. :)
  15. mark_klyne

    mark_klyne Full Member

    im a front pocket carrier or when im at work I use a "shirt pocket" on my scrub top I have to be careful when bending over due to it likes to fall out of top pocket!!! I have had some issues with eGo stock battery's separating when left in pocket while sitting down and such but a few dabs of super glue generally fix's that issue
  16. NicoHolic

    NicoHolic Ultra Member

    Ditto. Knife on one side of it, CR123 flashlight on the other.
  17. Myk

    Myk Ultra Member

    Ran a row of stitches up my cigarette pocket in my pants.

  18. Silverj

    Silverj New Member

    For Egos I use a pocket clip for a small flashlight. Big mods I carry in a front pants pocket.

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  19. Silverj

    Silverj New Member


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  20. madqatter

    madqatter Ultra Member

    It depends on what I'm carrying....

    When I'm carrying Mini Protanks on eGo-style batteries, I have three inexpensive options.

    1. Mint tin lined with craft foam. This is about the size of a box of cigarettes. The clearomizers and batteries travel detached from one another, side-by-side. It looks like this:
    That's a 650mAh battery, and not a variable voltage. Not all batteries will fit so neatly in this option.

    2. Hard plastic cigar tube with holes drilled in it. In this case, the clearo is attached to the battery. Holes must be drilled in it, though: airtight is great for cigars, but it will force juice out of a tank.

    3. Hard "clamshell" case for eyeglasses. I got one cheap at the pharmacy. In this case, the clearos may be attached or detached from the battery, depending on the battery length.

    When I'm carrying my tube mods, I use something different. I found some clear, 3 ounce, wide-mouth bottles at the pharmacy (on clearance sale) designed for travel use (e.g. shampoo). I took them over to the school supplies aisle to measure and found that they were a perfect height and diameter to hold my mechanical tube mods in 18650 mode (with tank detached). Because they were cheap I bought a lot of them and also use them to carry clearomizer tanks, etc. They fit easily in a pocket or bag.

    All of these are inexpensive and adequately protect my gear. As you may have figured out from the shampoo bottle example, it helps to know the dimensions of your equipment so that when you're out and about and happen to see something that might be work, you can measure before buying. :)
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