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Discussion in 'Cloud 9 Vaping' started by Lisaf01, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Lisaf01

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    We have increasingly been receiving emails from our customers who use gmail asking why their order hasn't been dispatched, or asking where their tracking number is. In all cases, their orders have been dispatched many days before they contact us, and they have received all this information already, but gmail has incorrectly filtered it into their spam folder.

    We simply aren't able to answer 40-50 emails (sometimes more) per day on this topic any more.

    We ask you to PLEASE check your spam folder for your dispatch notification and tracking number BEFORE contacting us to request it. When you find any of our emails in your spam folder, please mark them NOT spam, and please add us to your whitelist.

    Alternatively, choose a different provider that doesn't control what you want to read in your email.
  2. BigCypress

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    That is a crazy amount of emails@!

    I had no problem recieving youre message in Gmail.
  3. Lisaf01

    Lisaf01 Forum Supplier ECF Veteran

    Thanks BigCypress, I am really glad to hear that you had no problems receiving our notification emails.
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