Interviews With “Vapers”: Implications for Future Research With E-Cigs

Discussion in 'Medical Research' started by JustJulie, May 14, 2011.

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    A new study out of The School of Medicine, Washington University (Amy McQueen, Ph.D., Stephanie Tower, B.A., Walton Sumner, M.D.:

    Interviews With

    I originally posted this in the news subforum, but realized that it was probably more appropriately posted here.

    You can read the full article by downloading it from the website . . . and it's definitely worth a read.

    One thing that I particularly liked about this paper is that while the authors are certainly interested in examining e-cigarettes in the context of traditional smoking cessation, there's also a recognition of e-cigarettes being used as a long-term substitute for smoking.

    Best yet, while the authors discuss the necessity of more research (which we all agree is of vital importance), there's no hysterical call for e-cigarettes to be pulled from the shelves until they can be proven "safe and effective."

    One of my favorite quotes:

    (emphasis mine.)

    Nope. We won't be deterred. :laugh:

    In any event, it's nice to see some balanced research starting to come out, along with some sensible ideas for research that needs to be conducted.
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