iTaste 134 + Aspire Nautilus

Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by Firecrow, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    The Aspire Nautilus just came in, so I threw some juice into her and let her rip. Been using it for a half hour. Complaint first off, the drip tip - its larger and poorly finished compared to the KT Protanks, and I could feel a sharp edge on the inside of the hole with my lips and tongue. So, I swapped it out with a Protank 3 drip tip, and fortunately with a tiny little play it fits the Nautilus. The couple of draws I found the airflow ring was virtually shut and I had to rotate it to let more air in - there is a very short range between "I can't get anything" to "full-out flow". Once I found what I liked, the draw was smooth and the vape volume huge. This isn't necessarily a good thing unless you like to blow throw juice like a madman. If the KT Protank 3's blew threw juice with the dual coil, I can imagine this one is going to as well.

    One thing I found was the temperature of the vapor is much cooler simply because of how much bigger this tank is - I like that. And if you want more heat, I find on the iTaste where you would set a KT Protank 3 to 10W, this one gives the same temp at 11W. And you don't have to suck as hard to get a full mouth of vapor.


    I like "big" and I like the look of "Glass". This thing reminds me of an old fashioned radio vacuum tube - I like that look but YMMV. So for now, 30 minutes into it, no leaks, no badness, it definitely lets the flavor through the way a KT Protank doesn't - right now its my go-to and I'd be tempted to grab a couple more to have more than one juice going. Like the iTaste 134 - Protank 3 snapshot, I will come back in 24 hours and report anything that sets in once you really rock her for a few hours.
  2. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    Update: I missed the hole layout - 4 settings and each hole is a different size - make sure you rotate onto a hole!
  3. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    Early intermediate update. The vape and flavor have only gotten better as the tank has been breaking in. By far the best tank for vape and flavor so far. No leaking or flooding (fingers crossed).
  4. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    24 hours later and it just gets better. Smooth vape, great throat hit capacity at full is probably closer to 6ml, and I vaped 2ml today, sitting at 4ml remaining.

    I accidently dropped it from about 3 feet onto a concrete floor and it hit tip first - no damage and still works great.

    Good bye Protanks, hello Nautilus.
  5. sbek

    sbek Registered Supplier

    I've been using the Nautilus on an SVD for 3 weeks now - it's blown away any previous clearomizer I have ever used. I'm also still on my first coil that it came with. Vapor production is fantastic, taste is unreal. It's the tank I recommend most these days.
  6. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    They're definitely onto something. I am sure we'll see the design copied into other clearos and hopefully that ups all the different brand's quality.
  7. OllieTheWhite

    OllieTheWhite Full Member

    I've had mine for a few days now... In general, I am super impressed with it. My only complaint would reside in the fact that some of my juices almost have too much flavor now!! Love, love, love it! Super clean taste!
  8. Bottlefed1

    Bottlefed1 Senior Member Verified Member

    Since the heads are basicly the same as the bdc heads just revised a bit how do they compare to the origional bdc's in the vapor production and flavor areas. I ask only because my bdc's don't seem to carry much flavor after a day or two and only last maybe a week a piece then need replaced
  9. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    The coil and wicks are visible down an open tube that mates to the venturi tube you draw from so its much more open - what are you vaping with and at what power? On the iTaste 134 I vape between 9 and 12 and vary it. If your coils are burning out that quick perhaps you're over powering them?

    The Nautilus design dual coil will definitely eat more juice - vapor production is quite good and flavorful - I do a light throat inhale and then exhale across the back of my throat and tongue and I get a powerful burst of flavor and can feel the nic hit. I run the atomizer under hot water and quick dry it between refills and that tends to de-gunk it and I get fresh flavor again. Its only been 5 days and two tanks so I cannot vouch yet for the life of the atomizers but I am not seeing a degradation yet.
  10. Firecrow

    Firecrow Super Member Verified Member

    Incidently, I do notice a difference between the eVic at 11W and the iTaste at 11W - somehow the eVic doesn't give the tank what it needs on the eVic. I consider my eVic to be a good single coil mod and underperforms with duals. I suspect this may be signal quality of the PWM. We know a lot about ohms law and volts versus watts and power, etc, but we are really still operating in the dark ages about what really makes a good coil match to signal and power. Drippers and builders can probably address that better than me. I know a buddy of mine rebuilds and he's got an approach to his own coils that simply works - but its trial and error - he know what works, but its not exactly a scientific process, its more trial and error. My own opinion and research leads me to think the cleaner the signal (such as in the Provari) the better the vape.

    Like for example, one trick I do for flavor and vape concentration is to trigger the iTaste at 12W and give it two 1 second bursts and then do a long draw - no burning but the flavor and volume is magnified 3 fold.

    I think the trick is to simply experiment until you find what works . The iTaste is a great platform considering its chinese origins - its not a Provari by any stretch but it works really well considering its pedigree.
  11. Bottlefed1

    Bottlefed1 Senior Member Verified Member

    I usually vape 9watts or 4volts on my mvp v2
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