KR808 Clearomizers

Discussion in 'Vapor Kings' started by Josh_Support, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Josh_Support

    Josh_Support Full Member

    Everyone here at Vapor Kings love the KR808 model. It's a cheaper model that performs very nicely with decent battery life. It's our go to kit for someone who doesn't have a lot of money to spend. The only problem has been the lack of options. Well that problem just shrunk a little bit because we now have clearomizers for the KR808.
  2. philly1234

    philly1234 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    I asked this in the 808 section, but haven't gotten an answer yet, so maybe I'll have better luck here.

    How do you clean these? I've searched the forum but not gotten an answer yet.

    By the way, these are awesome! I really couldn't put it down yesterday once I'd filled it. The only reason I need to clean one is because I filled one for my roommate and she isn't really the experimental type. She turned it almost upside down, got some juice in her mouth, and freaked out : ) So I need to clean her licorice juice out of it so I can use it myself with something good in it.

    ETA: Thanks for the dumdum and the jolly rancher :)
  3. Josh_Support

    Josh_Support Full Member

    I'm glad you are liking them. Unfortunately turning them upside down will leak liquid so I guess if it is imperative to vape upside down, these would not be the best option :) Cleaning them is a bit tricky because they aren't really made to be cleaned. You could try rinsing out the clearomizer with a little bit of water but you would need to be very, very careful with this. The unit would need to be allowed to dry out completely before being used again or else you would risk them burning out immediately. The biggest problem though would be the licorice flavor. I am assuming it is a very powerful flavor that may stick in the wicks for a long time like menthol flavors can. There may be a chance it can't be cleaned out.
  4. philly1234

    philly1234 Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Thanks, Josh...that was my suspicion about this (and licorice). And I knew that turning it upside down wouldn't be a good idea, but she she did it before I could stop her : )

    I'm gonna try dumping it and putting a little water in it. Or do you think vodka would be a bad idea? I did see some other comments about them saying that people have cleaned them, but no one has stepped forward to say how they've done it yet.
  5. zagleft1

    zagleft1 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Hi just got some of these and like them so far. One question, what is the recommended fill level on these? Is it the top black line? Lower? Higher? Thanks!
    The reason I ask is that the wicks look very short, only going about half way down the tube.
  6. Josh_Support

    Josh_Support Full Member

    We recommend filling them to the top of the wicks and not much further.
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