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Most realistic flavor (and how to get it) Most reliable e-cig

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Slink, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Slink

    Slink Full Member

    Hello ecigforum, and welcome to my ''virgin'' post :) (which is a series of questions heh)

    First, just today I got my first e-cig from INSTEAD It's the regular one with 50x cartriges. The first thing I noticed is that both the regular full flavor and high nicotine menthol carts taste kinda like a burning hookah, and nothing at all like a regular cig :/

    I was wondering if I can use e-liquid (like from wicked-e-liquid) to fill up these carts, or if the ones from their site will fit on this cig. Also, what liquid/cart/whatever tastes the most like a real cig, cause even though I'm getting the nic fix, the taste is a serious downer to me :(( hehe.

    Next up: What is the most reliable e-cig out there that I won't have to replace atomizers and batteries, and all kinds of crazy stuff on (in the sad event that this one becomes unservicable :/ )

    Lastly, what is the best liquid/cart/whatever that uses VG instead of PG, as I think I may have a slight allergic reaction to it (not enough to matter, just enough to annoy :p)

    Thanks for your time :)
  2. Elle

    Elle Super Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 9, 2009
    Orange County, CA
    i'm a novice, so this may be the blind leading the blind- but i've been lurking here for a while so i can tell you what i've heard.

    if i'm a little off, anyone feel free to correct me.

    1. From what I hear, no cartridge or e-liquid really tastes exactly like a cigarette. there's a thread floating around somewhere where people gave their opinions on what they feel comes closest. many people seem to have ventured away from traditional tobacco/menthol into candy and fruit flavors also.
    I can't answer what carts are compatible with your model, but i don't see why you couldn't top off the ones you have w/ e-liquid a couple times.

    2. if you find an e-cig that doesn't need part replacement PLEASE let me know- i've been lurking for a while and i haven't heard of one yet. some seem to last longer than others and there are variables involved (frequency of usage, proper care, etc.), but like i said i don't know if there is a "forever" e-cig around yet.

    3. i think its johnsons creek that does the vg eliquid, or you can venture into making your own brew.

  3. Chuffer

    Chuffer Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 26, 2008
    New York State
    1. Yes, Johnson Creek has the VG juice.
    2. As for reliability, these products are crapshoots at best (get a great one or get a lemon), or wholesale ripoffs at best (we know THOSE companies). As one suggestion (but certainly not the only possibility), Janty charges premium prices but the payoff is you're sure of having lickety-split responsive customer service if/when something fails. Another suggestion for reliability is Trog's Screwdriver. I can't vouch for the SD's reliability--I've only just started using one and only time will tell.
  4. JustJulie

    JustJulie CASAA Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Jan 30, 2009
    Des Moines, IA
    Well, another newcomer here, but I've been lurking like Elle, and what she shared jibes with what I've read, too.

    Someone awhile back made the comment that we're all basically beta testers for e-cigs, that the technology still isn't all that reliable, and I have to totally agree. One person will post how their model XYZ is awesome and has been going strong for months, and then someone else will post how they bought that same e-cig, and it's been nothing but trouble.

    The best advice I can give you is make sure you purchase a spare atomizer. Atomizers will die for no reason. Even if you buy from a company with an awesome warranty and they're willing to replace a bum atomizer, it will take time to arrive, and in the meanwhile, you're out in the cold.

    Elle is also dead-on in terms of the liquids. It really is a matter of taste . . and tastes differ . . . dramatically. Just think about how loyal people often are to their particular brand of tobacco cigarettes. :)

    I will say, though, that I have been shocked at how much I enjoy the flavored juices. I bought coffee eliquid on a whim, and I fell in love. So now I've branched out, and I'm enjoying all sorts of different flavors that I never would have thought about vaping. A chocolate cigarette? 8-o , but vaping chocolate is actually quite pleasant. :)

    And, yes, you can use eliquid to refill your carts. There are some good video tutorials on how to do that. I'm sure someone will post them, or you can browse the forum and find them easily enough. Yeah, I'm lazy.
  5. ZambucaLu

    ZambucaLu ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 23, 2008
    Central NY, USA
    I (personally) don't know offhand if Wicked's carts will fit your device....depends on which model it is. But yes, you can fill the carts with their juice....or any juice, for that matter.

    The only apparent supplier who uses VG or PG is Johnson Creek.

    And yes, we all want the most dependable ecig ever made but unfortunately, it hasn't been made

    Different members will say different things but I personally swear by the penstyle....and if you use the penstyle usb passthrough that is also sold, you can save some on batteries.

    Here is a thread that mentions a tobacco flavor some seem to like and it's sold by Johnson Creek. With the VG, maybe you can kill 2 birds with one stone :p

    Good luck!

  6. Slink

    Slink Full Member

    Hey guys thanks for the quick replies :) Just to be safe, I went ahead and bought about 230bucks worth of stuff from TW-Eliquid, as their products seem to have the best reviews on here heh. I think I got like 4 atomizers, the platinum pen style thing, 4 batteries, 50 carts, and 2 bottles of 36mg liquid. (just hope it gets here before I leave for 2 months :/ lol) Also, on the flavored smoking thing, I smoke cigs for the cig flavor (believe it or not, that's prolly 50% of why I smoke at all) and I'm not really brand specific, as I smoke everything from marb-newport-camel-sonoma-whatever else tickles my fancy at the time; BUT, it has to be tobacco flavored :p I smoke hookah when I want to get some flavored nic in me, and even then, I take a break every half hour or so to go smoke a real cig hehe
  7. Denni

    Denni Super Member ECF Veteran

    Sep 3, 2008
    Careful with the 36mg juice, you can easily overdose on nic!

    Cutting it with glycerine will make it taste very sweet. I intent to do that and add some candy flavours (peanut butter, cherry etc), but sadly no tobacco taste :(

    For direct dripping, French pipe consistently gets the best reviews and I haven't found anything that tastes more tobacco-like.
  8. Kestrial

    Kestrial Full Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 11, 2009
    MS, USA
    For me, Jane's Virginia Primo tastes the most cig like to me. The exhale is so similar to the real cig taste it's uncanny. The inhale has the same vague sweetness that all juice seems to (less so than most but still there) but the exhale has a surprisingly 'ashy' taste.
  9. Parallx

    Parallx Full Member ECF Veteran

    Dec 25, 2008
    Personally, the closest to an analog I've found is Camel from Litecigusa Not exact, but as a Camel Lights smoker for 10 years, pretty darn close.
  10. Spikey

    Spikey Moved On

    Most people branch out to flavors because once their taste buds refresh (after lowering the amount of analog cigs daily) the flavor of the tobacco is not the same as it was when they were smoking and it does not taste very good. 36 MG is VERY high.. even tho you would think it is what u need. It may be a good idea to get a 11 MG and then u can mix the 2 and make a right mixture so u don't OD or get headaches. I was a pack to a pack and a half a day of full flavor menthol cigs and I got 24 and it was too high for me... gave me headaches and dizziness.
  11. Sun Vaporer

    Sun Vaporer Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 2, 2009
    Spikey--You nailed that one right on the head. The more time that goes by as you vape, the smell and taste of Tobacco gets really nasty and many turn to the flavors. I am always amazed at how I am now able to tell an analog smoker a mile away with the smell. If I knew that I once reaked like that, I would have ran in the closet. LOL. So indeed, like you say, many of us turn to the flavors---Sun:)
  12. Hatsepsut

    Hatsepsut Full Member

    Jan 6, 2009
    Lund, Sweden
    I'm trying to take a look at the litecigusa page but keep getting an error. Is the site still around? Do they ship overseas (I live in Sweden)? Getting as close as possible to real cigarette flavour is really important to me.
  13. ZambucaLu

    ZambucaLu ECF Guru ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Nov 23, 2008
    Central NY, USA
  14. Slink

    Slink Full Member

    Oh jeez, a lot of excellent advice and suggestions, thanks a ton girls/guys!! :)

    I do think that maybe I have been a bit too overzealous in my quitting analogs though, as ever since I changed to the e-cig, I haven't smoked any analogs, and I have been constantly nauseated (even though I'm only using 12mg carts?)

    Booo heheh.
  15. Papi Lindo

    Papi Lindo New Member

    Sep 7, 2009
    hello im a 1 1/2 pack a day smoker of newports are the menthols even close ?
  16. Papi Lindo

    Papi Lindo New Member

    Sep 7, 2009
    l liquid menthols and i saw another site that sells VS Nuport lol
  17. clear_blue27

    clear_blue27 Senior Member ECF Veteran

    I read on here that, you could have an allergy to the PG juice. Try and switch over to VG juice. Johnsons Creek sells some. That may fix your problem. I also read on here that, the more you vape, the less your symptoms become.

    Read the health section when you get a chance. There are many useful tips over there. Like keeping your throat wet as the vapor dries it out.
  18. Kent C

    Kent C ECF Guru Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jun 12, 2009
    NW Ohio US
  19. bitey

    bitey Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Mar 18, 2009
    Central Ohio
    Johnson Creek no longer sells all VG vaping liquid. They now only have PG and "reduced PG", which is still over half PG. If you think you may have a sensitivity to PG, please don't use it.

    Instead, you can get VG vaping liquid from JuicyLiquid, liquidxpress, eliquidplanet, or vtvapor. Just put .com after each and look for the way to order VG liquid (it's usually a separate section).

    I am not able to vape PG and use and trust the above suppliers. I hope you feel better.
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