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My E-Cig Review – Halo G6 vs. V2 cigs

Discussion in 'Standard E-Cigarette Reviews' started by Zire02, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    My E-Cig Review – Halo G6 vs. V2 cigs
    (This review is intended for new e-cig users looking for an upgrade from store bought e-cigs
    or e-cig vets looking for a quality cig-a-like k808)

    20120919_190205_1348236389.jpg photo (1).jpg 124.jpg

    After abstaining from traditional tobacco cigarettes for 3 months using an e-cigarette,
    you may stop and ask yourself “Is this it?”

    That’s how I felt after finally kicking the habit. I had bought just about every different
    brand of e-cig you can buy off the shelf at a deli, corner store or 7-11. I liked and disliked certain things
    about all of them, but at the end of the day I knew I needed something better.
    Something of higher quality that would make me feel proud to be an electronic
    cigarette user, and most importantly a product that I’d enjoy using for a very long time.

    I did a little research and quickly heard about V2. V2 was everywhere, and I
    mean everywhere. You could not make a google search for “the best e-cig” or
    “electronic cigarette” without finding V2 highly rated at the top of many review
    sites. Luckily for me, V2 had a 15% storewide sale and I also found a 15% discount
    coupon through Chad at

    I ordered their cheapest starter kit, the express kit and a sampler pack of all their
    different flavors. My grand total was somewhere around $30 and I had 11 freshly
    filled cartomizers to boot. Not a bad deal. I couldn’t wait to get my package in the
    mail, which I received only 3 days later.

    Now if you’ve ever smoked an e-cig before, you may be familiar with this feeling.

    I got my brand new V2 in the mail. Eagerly I ripped open the packaging, it didn’t
    concern me much at first. I glossed over the instructions and fit a brand new
    “Red” (Regular Tobacco) flavored cartomizer on the battery. I took a few long,
    satisfying drags and thought “Man! Now this is vaping heaven!” That satisfying
    feeling only lasted a few minutes until I began to try their other flavors.

    What I noticed about the V2 cartomizers is that they all dramatically decreased
    in flavor, vapor production and throat hit after a short period of time. The feeling
    I got after taking a drag from a freshly used cartomizer disappeared in just a
    about half an hour. Basically they all died out pretty fast and I went through 11
    cartridges in a week, that’s twice what I usually vape. The flavors were Okay, but
    nothing amazing. I really did enjoy Red, Mint Tea and especially Coffee, but coffee
    is the only flavor I’d ever consider buying again. Most of them were too sweet,
    too mild and tasted horrible once the eliquid began to run out.

    So here is my overview of V2:

    1. Price – Great IF you buy the express kit and receive a %30 discount through
    storewide sales and a review site discount coupon code.
    2. Battery – The quality of the battery is good and seems to have high output.
    I’m not a fan of V2’s glossy finish and the logo will scratch off after just a
    few days. The lifetime of the battery is solid and will accept any standard
    KR808D-1 Cartomizer. This includes the Halo G6 Cartomizers which I will
    soon mention.
    3. Charging – The express kit comes with a standard USB charger and does
    seem to charge pretty fast. The light may flicker but no complaints.
    4. Cartomizers – This is where I feel V2 really let me down. I was very
    disappointed that the quality of my cartomizers could not be guaranteed
    because of the way they were sloppily packaged with scotch tape. The
    differences in how long the flavors would last, vapor production and
    throat hit was a problem. In addition, all of the V2 cartomizers will begin
    to have that nasty burnt chemical taste once they begin to run out. Taste
    is subjective, but I really wasn’t too impressed. Except for the Coffee. That
    was delicious and I wish I got more.
    5. Customer Service – V2 called me after I let them know how I angry I
    was with their flavor sampler pack in an online IM conversation. The
    customer service representative online would not give me the answers
    to my questions, even if she knew them. She told me I had to speak to
    the manager. Luckily, Kevin at V2 was a pretty cool guy. He explained to
    me why the Sampler Pack is packaged differently from the rest of their
    cartomizers, and apologized for not being able to do anything about it. This
    didn’t change the fact that half of them were bad. After calming my nerves
    he proceeded to tell me how good the rest of the V2 products were and
    tried to get me to buy more from them. Smooth move.

    Overall:V2 has a great battery with high voltage for a mini. I personally did not enjoy most of their flavors, as they lacked in vapor, throat hit and flavor. Sampling V2 was like opening a pack of skittles. You can basically expect that each flavor will somewhat resemble what its intended to mimic. I felt they lacked thought or complexity.

    Now for Halo. I cannot say enough good things about Halo. Everything you hear or
    read about them online is pretty much true. They are the real deal. They produce
    their own American made e-liquid here in the U.S. and all of their cartomizers
    are very high quality. This puts my mind at ease when I’m worrying about what
    chemicals I’m vaping directly into my lungs that could have been added in a
    manufacturing factory out in China. I’ve been to China, the food is great but the
    air reeks of soot and smoke. In fact I haven’t had this thought since I started using
    my brand new Halo G6. Let me tell you about it.

    After feeling empty and frustrated with V2, I ordered my Halo G6 online and went
    all out. I got their starter kit which came with two 78mm batteries, a wall adapter
    and USB charger, two blank (unfilled) cartomizers and a 5pack of pre-filled
    “Tribeca” flavored cartomizers. I also got a 5pack of unfilled “Low Resistance”
    cartomizers and their E-liquid Tobacco Sample Pack to try their other flavors.

    First thing about the Halo G6- it looks amazing from start to finish. The starter
    kit comes in a rugged looking tin and the overall style and design of the e-cig is
    sweet. The batteries are coated with a rubberized finish so that they won’t slip
    out of your hand or roll off surfaces as easily. This also prevents damage and
    scratches to the battery. The cartomizers I got all came in small 5pack sealed
    plastic cases, which I find are great for carrying them around.

    One nice thing about Halo is that they design their cartomizers to be refilled with
    e-liquid. This means that you can explore the wonderful world of vaping and
    all of its flavors buy buying bottles of smoke juice and refilling your cartomizers
    over and over, instead of throwing them away as soon as they die on you. To
    me, this seems more cost effective and adds to the enjoyment of vaping. I now
    have one e-cig that I can use with virtually any e-liquid I’d want to try. The Halo
    G6 cartomizers are designed with this in mind and deliver long lasting, satisfying
    vapes over extended periods of time. And the burnt chemical taste that I got from
    V2? It’s Non-existent with Halo.

    The flavors of the halo e-liquids are some of the best I’ve ever tried. You can
    definitely taste the difference between the rich smoothness of Halo and other
    brands. Tribeca, Torque 56 and HX3 have become my three favorite flavors.

    Halo G6 Overview:

    1. Price – I dropped $80 to get started with Halo. That got me a starter kit, 12
    cartomizers and 42ml’s of Halo’s e-liquid. In my opinion, it was definitely
    worth it and still cheaper than what you’d pay for V2’s more complete kits.
    2. Battery – The batteries I got from Halo are amazing. I love having one
    manual and an automatic. After using them for a week, I have never
    noticed a decrease in vapor production, flavor or throat hit. I’m a huge fan
    of the rubberized finish and the overall quality is way above average.
    3. Charging – Halo suggests you charge each battery for approximately 8
    hours before initial use. After the initial charge, they are good to go and
    recharge just like any other KR808D-1 type battery.
    4. Cartomizers – Here is where Halo really shines for me. Their cartomizers
    are designed to last and never feel like they’re running on fumes. You get
    that satisfying fresh hit feeling with each drag. By refilling them with Halo’s
    premium e-liquid none of them have ran out or gone bad after a week of
    using them heavily. Vapor Production, Throat hit and Flavor are excellent
    in all regards and consistent. The flavors themselves: I absolutely love the
    Tribeca, which halo describes as having definitive tobacco undertones
    with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 and other treasured
    tobacco blends. At first I didn’t know what RY4 meant until I looked it up,
    but it didn’t matter because it tastes amazing. I also enjoyed their Torque
    56, HX3 and Prime-15, but wasn’t a huge fan of Captain Jack or Midnight
    Apple which were unique.
    5. Customer Service – I asked halo about a question I had concerning their
    manual battery. VaporVal offered to have the battery replaced with no
    questions asked, and even provided free return shipping. I didn’t have to
    because the battery turned out to work just fine after a days use. Still, their
    dedication really shows.

    Overall:Halo is so far the best mini e-cig that I've tried. Initially I thought V2 was the premier e-cig for newbie vapers, but I've found a much more complete and satisfying experience with Halo.
    The "Infiniglow, flameguard and thermoflow" technology that they claim makes their e-cig top of the line is very noticeable. I get consistent, thick clouds of vapor from Halo and refilling the carts is a cinch. Their flavors are just amazing, many ECF'ers will confirm this.

    All in all I would recommend the Halo G6 to a friend over V2. Some of that has to
    do with my taste preferences, but I really appreciate the overall quality of Halo.

    With that, best of luck and happy vaping!

    I'd appreciate any comments, feedback and questions from you guys as this is my first e-cig review and I hope it helps someone.
    Will add pictures to the thread soon!
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  2. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    Soon I'll be posting my video reviews on youtube and here on ECF as well. Primarily I'll be reviewing the Halo G6 kit and Halo's e-liquids.
    Feel free to ask any questions you may have about their hardware or e-liquids! My experience so far extends to many different brands of "mini" or "cigalike" brands.
  3. DDark4eva

    DDark4eva Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2013
    Yonkers, NY
    Vaping my G6 right now while my VV charges, nice review.
  4. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    Thanks! I think its always great to have backups. I can't wait to get into VV soon :)
  5. signer

    signer Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 30, 2012
    North Cackalackey
    I agree that Halo's cartomizers are top notch. My wife has a G6 set, and I actually bought a 510-808 adapter just to use their carto's on my Vision Spinner. Their LR cartos are great and last forever. She didn't like the G6 auto battery, though. She thought it was too hard of a pull, but she rocks her manual batteries all day.
  6. JustCallMeJeff

    JustCallMeJeff Full Member

    Mar 17, 2013
    Miami, FL, USA
    Thanks very much for this informative review that was seemingly written for me personally. I was on the fence between a V2 and a Halo G6, and I ordered the Halo last night. Making do with a disposable until it arrives.
  7. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    Thanks Jeff, I'm really glad that you found the review helpful! I was in the same situation deciding between both companies, and after having tried both the decision was made clear to me. It can be hard to tell with so many different reviews on youtube etc.
    Please let me know your thoughts once you've tried your G6, and feel free to ask any questions you may have! I've now tried almost all of their e-liquids and will soon post video reviews on youtube.
  8. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    I have to agree with your wife on the auto-battery. At times the airflow can feel stiff and its restricting you from getting a bigger hit. The manual is top notch though, and I don't mind using the auto as a backup. Still, something they could definitely improve on.
  9. DDark4eva

    DDark4eva Super Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Feb 13, 2013
    Yonkers, NY
    All the vaping stuff I've been through I dont know why I havent purchased that adapter yet I too love halo's LR cartos and yes they do last forever Halo need to make sum XL LR's. Halo was my 1st kit and all my LR's (while neglected now) are still good. Also yea auto battery sucks, my wife actually likes it though so I gave it to her, before that I kept it in the car.

    You will not regret that purchase Halo is a dam good starter kit and still to this day has the best Tobacco liquids out there, to me. Naturally I've upgraded several times but it was Halo that got me off traditional cigs.
  10. JustCallMeJeff

    JustCallMeJeff Full Member

    Mar 17, 2013
    Miami, FL, USA
    My Halo arrived today, and is charging as I type. I was a little surprised when I opened the box - I was expecting the round tin container that I've seen on so many reviews, but instead it came in a black hinged box, kind of like what a watch or jewelry comes in. It's attractive, just not what I was expecting. Now I just have to wait until later tonight so I can fire it up!
  11. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    Awesome! How's it been working for you? :2cool:
  12. Koman

    Koman Moved On ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2010
    Really tempted to order some of these.
  13. Zire02

    Zire02 Full Member

    I recently just got myself a Volt 808 kit from SmokelessImage, and I think they're both great ecigs for their size and simplicity. Great VTF from both, it really does depend on the e-liquid. I still think I'd recommend Halo over anything else I've tried so far. Looking to try more e-liquids soon and get a tank system!
  14. bigdawgbeav

    bigdawgbeav Senior Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 22, 2013
    Just got my G6 in the other day... loving it! However, not a huge fan of the cartos. I do love the mini tanks. Still new at this, but the G6 is an excellent starter kit. In hind sight I should have initially purchased 1 auto and 1 manual battery. For some stupid reason I went with 2 autos. I did order a manual separately and am looking forward to seeing the difference.
  15. Salvatore.95

    Salvatore.95 Full Member Verified Member

    Jul 17, 2013
    I just got a v2 and have been testing the past two days, I love it! I cant vouch for the carts, I got blanks and have been filling them myself, it has good vapor production.
  16. Vapo Marx

    Vapo Marx Super Member ECF Veteran

    Jul 20, 2013
    New York
    The Halo G6 is a great starter kit that was instrumental in ending my 32-year tobacco habit. Even as I move on to "bigger and better", I think I'll always have a high opinion of the G6.
  17. Tempesta

    Tempesta Super Member ECF Veteran

    Supporting member
    Aug 6, 2013
    Maryland USA
    I am looking for my first cigalike, and I am torn between the Halo and the Volt. They both get great reviews. Only trouble with Halo is that their prefilled carts aren't available with zero nicotine,though many of their juices are. Still deciding which way to go. Standard starter kits are the same price, same items in each kit. I hear wonderful things about Halo juices, but haven't read much about Volt juices.
  18. Speedsix

    Speedsix Full Member

    Aug 18, 2013
    Thanks for the clearly written and concise review. As a newbie, it helped me out to make a choice. I went with the Halo G6 kit due to your recommendation. It seems a good place to start.

    In the mean time, I'm still smoking Blu disposables but I look forward to something better.
  19. Inannalu

    Inannalu Full Member

    Jul 29, 2013
    New England
    For non-mod batteries, I use Halo's Triton and V2's long automatic (I like the elegant look-- they are about 105mm of visible battery in use).

    With these I use both Halo's G6 mini-tanks and V2's EX blanks, which items are very similar in looks and performance (the difference being that the G6 mini-tanks have a slide-on plastic mouthpiece, whereas the EX blanks have a screw on mouthpiece with a bit more "silver" showing). Both perform well for vapor and flavor.

    I've not tried the G6 blank cartomizers, but I've had horrible luck with the Smokeless Image extra-long carts. 4 out of 5 of those produced a nasty burnt taste right from the get-go. Perhaps I will order some G6 carts.
  20. Taznino

    Taznino Full Member

    Aug 12, 2013
    Hannibal, MO , USA
    Thank you for the review! I was on the fence between the Halo G6 and the new iTaste. After much reading here on ECF I just ordered my G6 on Wednesday and am impatiently awaiting its arrival. This review made me feel even better about my choice. I'm off to purchase a couple more disposables to get me through the waiting, yesterday ay 6:00 a.m. I smoked my last analog and don't want to slip up while waiting. For the first time in 30+ years I know I can stop thanks to this forum!! Wish me luck and fast shipping 
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