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My tank inventory, experiences, and quick review

Discussion in 'Tank Reviews' started by brawas, Feb 28, 2014.

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  1. brawas

    brawas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2014
    GTA, Canada
    I have the following tanks listed in order of purchase:

    Kanger Evod tanks
    Innokin iclear 16
    Davide BDC
    Kanger AeroTank
    iclear 30S
    Boge F16 Carto Tank
    Smok Pyrex Glass DCT
    Aspire Nautilus

    Kanger Evod tanks (not genuine)
    Started with a knock off pair of Kanger Evods. Was ok at the time because I hadn't tried anything else. However, with time, I realized they were the most consistently poor tanks. Leaking, gurgling, getting ejuice in your mouth, dry hits, etc. I tried several things before giving up on them and getting iclear 16. I tried replacing the coils with genuine kanger coils, different resistances, different batteries, just not good at all.

    Innokin iclear 16
    Much better than the evod tanks. Inconsistent airflow, sometimes loose, sometimes tight. Odd burnt or dry hit (doesn't happen too often). Flavor and vapor is pretty good for the most part. Sometimes the vapor comes out really hot. Easy to clean. Overall, a huge improvement over the evods. I have five of these because they came with my innokin itaste v3, and I use them for sampling new flavors.

    Davide BDC
    Nice quality bottom dual coil tank. Very rare floods, gurgling. Low maintenance. Easy to clean. Coils are fairly priced (Can use aspire BDC coils). BTW, I tried buying the AeroTank bottom, and replaced it's coil with the Davide coil to add airflow control to this tank, it works, but not great. I ended up putting it back the way it was. Reson? I ended up having to leave the airflow almost completely open all the time to still get less than desired airflow. Also, I had to not tighten the coil all the way in, so that it doesn't push the bottom pin out too much, resulting in not being able to screw the tank all the way down on the provari.

    Kanger AeroTank
    Awesome tank! No floods, no gurgling / leaking. Airflow control. Nice looking, quality tank.

    iclear 30S
    Liked it at first. Nice vapor production. However, getting ready to retire it due to: metallic taste, hard or not possible to clean the coils, replacement coils are expensive, no airflow control. Another issue I had with this tank is when I tried changing flavors. With the AeroTank and Davide, I would just vape it till it got empty, and put in my next flavor. I would get a few mixed / overlapping hits, and then eventually the new flavor would take over. With the iclear 30s, I tried doing the same thing, and the previous flavor just would not go away. I even washed the coil and dried it off with a blow dryer twice. The taste went away, but still hints of it remaining. Build quality and looks are pretty good.

    Boge F16, and Smok Pyrex DCT
    These are carto tanks, and pretty much as good as the cartos you put in them. If using flanged cartos, they both have the recessed bottom so they sit flat inside. While the Boge recess is round, the Smok is kind of rectangular so the carto can kind of lock in. I like that the F16 is clear, but it's plastic so you have to watch out for tank cracking liquids. The Smok is glass so you don't have to worry about that. On my Provari, especially with the Smok tank, airflow can get fully blocked when fully tightened. To work around this, you either have to loosen the tank from the apv, which may cause a weak connection. Alternatively you could slide the tank up slightly, but in the case of the Smok, it defeats the purpose of the carto locking into the recess. One more option is to get an airflow adapter, which I did, but I didn't like that too much either (Smok airflow adapter). However, I have a Hippo airflow adapter on the way, and that will probably do the job well.

    What I would be looking for in my next carto tank is top fill hole which won't interfere with driptips (easier to fill the tank right to the top), glass tank, and 23mm width to fit nice on my Provari. Which tank is that going to be? For me, the GP SnP tank. If you haven't already, check out PBusardo's video review of this tank. I think it is just perfect in every way, especially for a Provari. Too bad it's out of stock most of the time though.

    Aspire Nautilus
    My latest and favorite tank. Flavor, vapor production, airflow control, looks on Provari... all just outstanding. This, the aerotank, and the F16 are the ones getting the most use from me right now. I'm still using all my tanks so I can have them loaded with different flavors. However, my favorites are the AeroTank, and the Nautilus. More about the Nautilus....
    this thing is frickin huge! Has a nostalgic vacuum tube look to it (if you like that), and it's wide enough to give the straight look on a Provari with a ring.

    The AeroTank looks good on the provari also (without a ring), and it can look decent on standard Kanger or innokin itaste v3 batteries also. I think the Nautilus, would just look ridiculous on a smaller battery though.

    Having said all the above, if I had no tanks and was buying just two right now, they would be the AeroTank, and the Nautilus (or maybe just 2 Nautilus).

    Hope this info helps some of you. Let me know if you have any specific questions about anything mentioned here.

  2. bcameron

    bcameron Full Member Verified Member

    Feb 10, 2014
    I have similar experience as you. My favourites are the Nautilus and Aerotanks as well. Unfortunately the Kanger 2.0 DC suck. Rebuilt it with a single 1.6ohm micro coil with cotton wick and it is 10x better in flavour and vapour. I also rebuild my Nautilus coils as well even though their dual coils are pretty good as it is but expensive.
  3. TexasVet

    TexasVet Super Member ECF Veteran

    Great write-up! Glad I found it.
    I am just coming off of Kanger Protank II minis and T3S BCCs on my kanger batts. Literally

    My ITaste VTR is operation with an IClear 30S and I wonder what extra tanks to buy so this is very helpful.

    If I was to use the supplied extension, I could use the best tanks regardless of diameter. I will chase the recommendations, hoping to find the right stuff that are < 20mm.
    The VTR Ring inside dia. is stated as 19.5mm. (I haven't confirmed on my VTR)

    Anyway keep up the good info, we all benefit.:)
  4. brawas

    brawas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2014
    GTA, Canada
    Follow up regarding the iclear 30S. I was about to retire it today, and give it to a friend. Then, there was one thing that made me decide to keep it. While I change flavors in all my other tanks, I use only one flavor in this tank (since it is difficult to change flavors). RY4 Double is the flavor and I enjoy it once in a while, so I keep it handy in this tank. The important thing for me to point out about this tank is that it has not flooded on me once, and it is the least expensive tank of my collection.
  5. JrRed23

    JrRed23 Full Member Verified Member

    Feb 20, 2013
    Thanks for the info.
  6. brawas

    brawas Senior Member Verified Member ECF Veteran

    Jan 7, 2014
    GTA, Canada
    Follow up as my tank collection has changed...

    In addition to all the above I've also tried an aerotank mega with the new 0.8 sub-ohm coils. Also, since I wrote the above I've got into rebuilding and bought 2 Kayfuns.

    Here's my update....

    Since the Kayfuns, I use nothing else! (except for the aerotank mega with 0.8 ohm coils, once in a lazy while)

    My 30s, Aerotank, 3 Nautilus, Carto tanks, iclears, etc, are getting no use.
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