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Discussion in 'MyFreedomSmokes' started by elwood2, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. elwood2

    elwood2 Senior Member Verified Member

    I purchased 20 of these bottles from MFS. I left a two-star (probably should've been one) review on the product page which stated that they were not child proof and extremely hard to dispense. It was posted and few hours later it was removed.

    At the very least i hope to accomplish getting an accurate description on the product page to inform future customers that these are not child-proof. Also, these bottles are better suited for RBA dripping, definitely not for filling a tank of any size unless you want to pop a blood vessel or tendon.

  2. AshleySki

    AshleySki Moved On

    You can simply rectify the issue with the thicker eliquids by using a paper clip to widen the hole a little. Sometimes the mix of PG and/or VG will make the eliquid hard to squeeze out of the bottle. That is an easy fix.
  3. DancingHeretik

    DancingHeretik Vaping Master Verified Member

    Supporting member
    If they don't say 'child-proof', they aren't. I only use 30ml bottles for filling smaller bottles and absolutely hate child-proof bottles. So, I'm glad to know they carry these.
  4. bruiser

    bruiser Ultra Member

    I don't see it being advertised as being 'child proof'. As the above poster said, if it doesn't say so, it ain't.
  5. Synisity

    Synisity Full Member

    MFS's has NEVER posted a negative/critical review that i have written even though other sites have posted the exact same reviews that I've tried posting on MFS's site :/
    and i've heard the same from other people on this site. Which is really upsetting because i LOVED MFS but the fact that they dont seem to post any bad reviews changes the way i feel about them a lot
  6. Crunktanium

    Crunktanium Super Member Verified Member

    And this is why many vendors wont let you add reviews on their site.
  7. Ozwald

    Ozwald Vaping Master Verified Member

    The place I got my first 808's from was like that. It was an over all positive review, generally speaking, but I pointed out why their product wouldn't be a good choice for some people. Nope, can't let a 3 star review through. They're all 5's but they let a 4 star review post so they appear to be fair & let all reviews post. They're only moderating spam & foul language, you know. :rolleyes:

    I actually buy stuff based on the worst reviews. The legit ones anyhow. If a product has all 5 star reviews, they're not telling me something. I'd much rather see a couple poor reviews pointing out a flaw, then I can decide if I can live with that flaw or not. Pobody's nerfect.
  8. JeremyR

    JeremyR Vaping Master

    Yeah it doesn't say childproof. I vape 100% vg which is impossible to squeeze out. I really really like these bottles because the wide mouth is easy to pour juice into. I use a graduated cylinder for mixing.

    There is a bridge inside the spout that reduces the flow. Push something in through the spout to open it up for better flow or vg. I used a mini screwdriver I think.
  9. bdcdependent

    bdcdependent Full Member

    They didn't approve my review but I don't blame them as I probably shouldn't have written it :D. But as Ozwald says, a product with all 5 star ratings is, most of the time, unrealistic. They have the right to moderate the reviews as they see fit though, just be weary of all 5 star reviews unless you have tried the product and know it should have all 5 star reviews is my :2c: worth.
  10. AlexStiff

    AlexStiff Supplier Associate

    Peteyboy, all our liquids are not Dekang.
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